From the old days

Greetings Earthlings,

I come in peace! Now do as i tell you:

Hook the edges of your mouth with each of your index fingers, stretch until it hurts! That my friend, is called a smile.

Come now, that just isnt the right way to do it, try reading my blog…


P.S: My ancestors were not apes Darwin, speak for yourself…


50 responses to “Me…

  1. very interesting intro – and a foto to go with it too! happy blogging!

  2. Is that a Barbican? 😉

  3. Is that what you really are?? pardon me for questioning you like this but…i don’t think thats your true defination..there is more to it i believe..I’ve read your self reflection post and I believe that reflects more than there you let..

  4. i mentioned these things because they seem to be the only constants around me…

  5. unbohemian

    dope-smoking, booze drinking, pill-popping in pakistan? I didn’t know that it happened there! That’s incredible. You seem interesting

  6. haha there is madness everywhere, pakistan included. Interesting like a monkey in a cage, or interesting like a sculptor at work??? :p

  7. unbohemian

    I’ve only been there once, and it was 14 years ago, so the memories are rather faded. All I remember is all the incredible fruit, and eid-ul-adha with family. I have the feeling that I probably wasn’t exposed to this madness though :D.

    Probably a bit of both, we all possess a great deal of reason to be interesting for many many reasons 🙂

  8. and i thought you were indian! so did you visit karachi? and where do you live now? and why does you blog link lead to a deleted blog? haha i know i ask too many questions?

  9. Mostly Lahore and my mother’s village, I vaguely remember train rides as well. I do have quite a few relatives in Karachi as well though. I live in Canada, I have all my life, actually. As for the blog, well that’s a very good question 🙂 I shall try to fix it, but if it doesn’t work, the actual url is

    password for any of the protected ones is “limabean”

    cheers! 🙂

  10. That is not booze. 😐 That is dew. 😛

  11. zahir hai, theres too much censorship in pakistan!

  12. Thtas so sad , are you being saracastic or serious ? 🙂 an intellegent guy like you boozing and doping ? dope makes you dumb , booz ruins your body and who you are . You can never realy know who you are while your on the booz

  13. what makes u think im intelligent! 😉

  14. chemicals make ppl crazy and wild and free! liberty for all :p

  15. my question is – how does that make u different?!!
    that just adds you to the list of mind-numbing drones we see everyday..
    a little individuality man…
    it goes a long way..its not aboout being smart, intelligent, wasting urseelf, etc. etc

    its about SELF RESPECT and high esteem, knowoing u dont need crutches to deal with life. you can do it all on your own 🙂

    no harm in trying right

  16. u have no idea what ur talking about! haha

  17. as usual – lol

  18. I see the change in the intro.. haha i think i like this one better. When’d you decide to go all happy? I hope its not because of some drug which keeps you on a constant high. [Ikeeed]

  19. hahaha no such drug! just plain old growing up!

  20. purpledrifter

    I hope this growing up also involves giving up of alcohol and the sort? Or is that too much to hope for? 😛

  21. haha all in the past now!

  22. HAHA, no wonder: you don’t think even ‘guys’ should think too much. Tsk. 🙂

  23. lol you’re quick at returning favors! 😛
    Welcome to the blog

  24. lol, why dont you try putting ur index finger inside of the mouth either to the right or left and then sliding the finger forward until it comes out with a ‘pop’ sound. its fun 😀

  25. oh yes, i love doing that too. Matter of fact i just did 😀

  26. hey, thanks for stopping by at mine^^.

    haven’t been to pakistan but i lived in the “closest” thing to it a while back, the pakistani neighbourhood in glasgow, scotland^^. i really miss the atmosphere…

  27. lol im sure the paki neighbourhood there was nothing like the real deal!

  28. hah, you’re right, it wasn’t. but hey, it’s my only ‘claim to fame’! ^-

  29. I just noticed that you have mentioned my blog as ‘famous published lady writer’. I laughed for a good five minutes at it, no one has ever called me a lady. I guess there is always a first time for everything, thanks anyways.

    Why are all your posts password protected?

  30. lol just a few of them are, and theyre protected for protection 😛

  31. Dude, almost everything is protected these days!! Haven’t been able to read anything for a while. Who gets the password? [only girls?? 😉 ]

  32. lol ill write a post thats worth reading in a few, and those arent passwordofied :

  33. Hey Farooq, thanks for dropping by my blog…..and thank you ever so much for liking my last post. Guys usually don’t dig that kinda stuff…so any praise coming from a guy on that one is welcome!! Now go ahead and call me a sexist!! 🙂

  34. haha welcome to the blog! And i can genuinely relate, and i know what kind of strength it takes to make it work, so i had to add a lil word of appreciation 😀

  35. you have a nice blog 🙂 and darwin was definitely wrong!

  36. thank you, and some ppl still dont get it!

  37. Aap ultay haath se pi rahe ho. 🙂

  38. hahaha nobody has EVER noticed that!! welcome to the blog 😀

  39. Hey I like your blog AND the header. Where did ya get it from?

  40. thanks!! and i got it from stumbleupon.

  41. Hey,
    thanks for dropping by my blog and you were right it is rabbit fart, 😀

    PS: I love your header!

  42. header aala he…..!

  43. Drinking :x… You are bad…

  44. Hi,

    Why had you stopped writing?

  45. Hello Mr. Farooq,

    I am Hassam, chief editor of Y buzz Magazine. We are currently looking for bloggers for our online magazine and I would really like to work with you. We will offer your blog address with your introduction alongside with every article you write. We currently have more than 600 views daily. I am looking forward to your response so that we can work on the details.


    Chief Editor Y Buzz Magazine

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