Happy to you!

Here’s for you.

There’s nothing i can say that can say what i want to say to you.

So Happy to be to you baby 😉


24 responses to “Happy to you!

  1. Happy to the baby!

    Yay. 8)

  2. A “post” finally 😛

    Happy Birthday!!! 🙂
    btw, who are we wishing again? 😛

    (yesterday was my culinary-art-sister’s bday too:) )

  3. errrr wait. was this a birthday post? :S

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  5. Doe-eyed Brunette

    Awww, thank you :))
    & happy to be to you too 😛

    Thnks QA…your nick reminds me of my course..quantitative analysis:P

    Shiny, we’re wishing me:PP
    Btw your sister…is there a possibility that she’s my long lost twin or maybe she’s my soulmate??:P you do know soulmates can be of same gender without sounding pervy..rightt??:P

  6. Doe-eyed Brunette

    Yes, its a post…the man is short of words of late… its plain and simple. 😛

  7. haha i see all comments have been responded to appropriately! 😛

  8. hahaha maybe maybe! There are a lot more things you both have in common. 🙂 i think its time i tell her abt ur blog :p

  9. where are you? and no posts?

  10. since the last time u commented on my blog havent seen u again!

    hope all is well

  11. Happy birthday to you too. 😀

  12. Aray, happy to you too. 😀 😛
    Meri taraf se bhi! Sorry, I’m late. 😦 :$


  14. Haha. Happy to whoever is the ‘baby’ 😛 (:

  15. I know it wasn’t. I was wishing someone else. 😡

    The person knows. 😀

  16. Doe-eyed Brunette


  17. You’re welcome? 😛

  18. If it’s your blogs birthday, then I guess it’s about time we started celebrating death anniversaries 😛

  19. @absar

    abey comments to parh lete 😛

  20. You @$&^!! You made me read all the comments! 😛 Who’s this baby, what am I missing here, dude I need to be caught up! 😛

  21. I missed out.

    *rubs eyes*

    Kis ki birthday thee?!

  22. @absar & @specs

    abay yaar, its so obvious in the comments!!! 😛

  23. Happy baaaddaaaayyyy too youu. Oho. Happy budday too you aaha.

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