Reaching out to the pplzzz

Khawateen o hazraaat, aap ke bai-takkaluf aur pur zor israar pay, paish e khidmat, minjanib e bande e naacheez; aik chota mota post!

My sincere apologies to my few readers and all my blogger friends who i have completely ignored for these long months . A couple of dozen posts have passed through my head, theres so much to say, but so much laziness holding me back. Hence i shall do what our literature teacher taught us in school while we used to run around like crazy pointlessly; Summerkize 😀   

Umrah: there’s nothing like it; except hajj obviously. Its an amazing feeling performing your tawaaf around the kaa’bah before sunrise, along with thousands of other muslims from every part of the world. Its amazing when you look up and see hundreds of ababeel with you at this task, flying around in circles right above the kaa’bah.

Muslims are asked to do good for the love of God, rather than for love of people; and its obvious why. Although i’ve known why for as long as i can remember, it struck me and stuck me to like never before in the holiest of places in the world for us muslims, when i felt and saw a thousand people pushing and shoving through each other with no consideration for their fellow hajjaj while making their tawaaf. In the midst of these thousands, i saw those few who weren’t under the impression that the speed at which they walked was directly proportional to ajr(reward) they would potentially receive for the tawaaf. They walked slowly, careful not to push or step on anyone, and prayed silently, enjoying the tremendous blessing of having the opportunity to perform this Sunnah. This, in my humble opinion, is the ratio of good there is in this world. Hence, if you do good and expect good from people in return, you will most definitely be disappointed.

Arabs: There are some that are arrogant, filled with pride of the fact that Islam was brought to this world through them. Some are filled with pride of their wealth, much like the rich all over the world. Then there are those few, who stand with disposable cups of water in the scorching afternoon heat to serve those who perform tawaf around the Kaabah. And those who wait outside with packets of dates and cups of kahva(or arabic tea or whatever) to serve those who’ve just completed their Umrah. It might seem like nothing to you, you have to be there to feel the depth of love it roots from.

Life post umrah: much to the relief of this one person(you know who you are :P), is very much the same. School and work keep me busy as hell. This ramadan ive been working two jobs, since i’m potentially in the process of switching, and am just testing this new job out to see if i can do it. From Makkah, i wasnt fortunate enough to take back a habit of prayer, but I did bring back a few other gifts for myself.

I have terrible acidity from having one too many qeema parathas, and i suddenly feel terribly depressed for the state of our nation and our people and this world.

I’d write more but then this wouldnt be much of a summary! Ill try to write a few more posts before eid. Until then, Irshad ke bhai shadaab kee taraf se aap sub ko adaab 😀

18 responses to “Reaching out to the pplzzz

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  2. paaaaaaa-ddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Kaisa hai?

  3. You have to hit up Al Baik. Amazing food.

  4. setting! tum batao sup?

  5. @murtaza

    I did, numerous times while i was there, awesome chicken and even better sauce! 😀

  6. kash main abbabeel he hoti..

    & good to have you back

  7. yup, found this video of their tawaf

  8. @pinnkkkaayy
    main to yaheen tha bhai 😀

  9. Doe-eyed Brunette


  10. Hi. I like your blog. Okay, bye.


  11. And like, ya need to update more. Whats new?

  12. @dod

    Thanchoo! 😀

    Youre back! Loads of new stuff, fursat mai bataonga 😛

  13. Oh, mainay ab parhi yeh post 😛

    I wish I could go for an umrah. Just reading about it gave me the goosebumps, I dont know wahan jaaker kya hoga.

  14. Doe-eyed Brunette

    they gathered some reall nice info about various foods…

  15. Manutdfanatic

    So great to hear you had such a powerfully incredible experience. May Allah reward you, and grant you success in all your endeavours! 🙂

  16. i check your post also check islamic post many good blogs

  17. Awesome video please don’t say anything wrong about it. 🙂

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