Reaching out to the pplzzz

Khawateen o hazraaat, aap ke bai-takkaluf aur pur zor israar pay, paish e khidmat, minjanib e bande e naacheez; aik chota mota post!

My sincere apologies to my few readers and all my blogger friends who i have completely ignored for these long months . A couple of dozen posts have passed through my head, theres so much to say, but so much laziness holding me back. Hence i shall do what our literature teacher taught us in school while we used to run around like crazy pointlessly; Summerkize 😀   

Umrah: there’s nothing like it; except hajj obviously. Its an amazing feeling performing your tawaaf around the kaa’bah before sunrise, along with thousands of other muslims from every part of the world. Its amazing when you look up and see hundreds of ababeel with you at this task, flying around in circles right above the kaa’bah.

Muslims are asked to do good for the love of God, rather than for love of people; and its obvious why. Although i’ve known why for as long as i can remember, it struck me and stuck me to like never before in the holiest of places in the world for us muslims, when i felt and saw a thousand people pushing and shoving through each other with no consideration for their fellow hajjaj while making their tawaaf. In the midst of these thousands, i saw those few who weren’t under the impression that the speed at which they walked was directly proportional to ajr(reward) they would potentially receive for the tawaaf. They walked slowly, careful not to push or step on anyone, and prayed silently, enjoying the tremendous blessing of having the opportunity to perform this Sunnah. This, in my humble opinion, is the ratio of good there is in this world. Hence, if you do good and expect good from people in return, you will most definitely be disappointed.

Arabs: There are some that are arrogant, filled with pride of the fact that Islam was brought to this world through them. Some are filled with pride of their wealth, much like the rich all over the world. Then there are those few, who stand with disposable cups of water in the scorching afternoon heat to serve those who perform tawaf around the Kaabah. And those who wait outside with packets of dates and cups of kahva(or arabic tea or whatever) to serve those who’ve just completed their Umrah. It might seem like nothing to you, you have to be there to feel the depth of love it roots from.

Life post umrah: much to the relief of this one person(you know who you are :P), is very much the same. School and work keep me busy as hell. This ramadan ive been working two jobs, since i’m potentially in the process of switching, and am just testing this new job out to see if i can do it. From Makkah, i wasnt fortunate enough to take back a habit of prayer, but I did bring back a few other gifts for myself.

I have terrible acidity from having one too many qeema parathas, and i suddenly feel terribly depressed for the state of our nation and our people and this world.

I’d write more but then this wouldnt be much of a summary! Ill try to write a few more posts before eid. Until then, Irshad ke bhai shadaab kee taraf se aap sub ko adaab 😀

Reaching out to God

Post a million delays, the visas and tickets have apparently finally come through!

Ishaa felt like a whole different experience today. Im finally feeling the good vibes. Umrah it is. 3rd June 2010 till the 13th of June 2010.
Dont miss me too much. And yes, ill pray for all of you i.a,. if i remember that is 😛

Happy to you!

Here’s for you.

There’s nothing i can say that can say what i want to say to you.

So Happy to be to you baby 😉


since im not posting nothing, you should be reading:

Words of wisdom by the Herbwoman

Since i’m too busy enjoying shortbread cookies and tea among other things, the herbwoman decided to give in a little something for the readers. Enjoy.

Once in a lifetime you must meet someone who will make your world go round and fill you with infinite joy that screams of bold yet beautiful colors.

It is important that you do meet such a person so you can restore your faith in mankind and know that there is hope in this world even though everything else you have ever come across was laced with pain hopelessness and despair.

You will rub your eyes and with hanging jaw stare at this mortal because he will make you step back and scrub off all the notions about love, life, friendship, present, past and future that you have accumulated through your brief walk into adulthood.

You will want to tell the world about how he makes your world go round and how you feel like God gave you a second chance in life but you will also be scared that if you did you will jinx it all up.

It will feel like an amazing dream to be cherished, adored and dotted on with no strings attached but the best part is that it would really be reality knocking at your door, willing you to claim this person forever.

However, you will radiate a faint stench of fear; of falling too hard, of ruining everything beautiful by magnifying your own insecurities and turning into a needy, clingy overbearing soul but you know he will smell the fear and pacify it, because he’s the sort you meet once in a life time.

In the end you have got to do justice to everything that has been given to you, so you close your eyes, turn your head and raise your hands towards the sky and let the sound of your love vibrate out of your heart.  You hope that God will respond to your silent pleas by making this once in a lifetime opportunity last forever.

Mashallah. Inshallah. Alhamdulilah.  😉

Nip tuck

Sometimes there is talk of faith and of our sins, but we keep our fingers crossed in hope that God forgives us. You know you’ve stuck around long enough when you see new colors in the eyes, and signs of strength that you always knew was hiding in there somewhere. Somedays you fear losing what you have, but you know the free bird needs its share of sunshine, eventually itll always come back home under your shade. Everyday you hope and you pray that the dreams come true, the colors get brighter, and the strength gets stronger, and you do whatever little you can to try and ensure that they do.

Sometimes you’re so strong it doesnt make sense to anyone, but you know you have to be if you are to ever break the chain. If it doesnt break now, the incidents will repeat themselves, and youll see yourself becoming one of those people with dead eyes. So you have to be strong. And when you have to be, you will be.

Sometimes you sit down and make plans that you know will probably not go according to plan, but you also know thats just cause God’s get a better plan.

Sometimes old teachers tell you the things that you always said to others, and other old people always told you how wrong and far from the truth you were, because theyre older and they know better. 

Some young ladies have got superb taste in clothes and everything else, but really bad taste in shades. 😛

Gentlemen. start your engines.

You know youre busy as hell when you realize you havent looked at your face in the mirror in 3 days.

There was once a sad young child who didnt get any attention and got bullied and molested. He grew up and became a teacher and let his anger out on innocent children by burdening them with an hourly and shitloads of stupid case studies to be given on the same day, a week before the finals. I, being among his unfortunate victims. Go back into the kfc logo, freak!

The end

the sound of Jibberish

When i was much younger, i used to stick my head in a tub full of water to see how long i could hold my breath. i tried again today. In the odd silence of the water, you find yourself battling against your own self. Half of you wants to pull out, the other half pushes you to break your own best. There is no fairer competition than yourself. It is the most humble form of competition, and if you indulge in it everyday, one fine day youll wake to find in the mirror, a person who is far stronger than you thought you could ever be. It takes time and persistence to conquer yourself. But its a thing worth doing.

Strictly for the beats.

Chocolate decadence

The chocolate cardboard house is not as fragile as it looks. Sure you can step on in and make it crumble. But like a bun that comprises of the perfect dough and the most attentive baking, it gets right back into its original shape once the pressure is withdrawn. Every mark that remains is a reminder and reassurance of its strength. And like grains of rice, everyday it ages, its worth increases. It may look like nothing to you from the outside, but on the inside its a world cold golden walls could never contain.

This post is a reminder to me, before i step into another downer, as to why i choose to be what i chose to be.