Nip tuck

Sometimes there is talk of faith and of our sins, but we keep our fingers crossed in hope that God forgives us. You know you’ve stuck around long enough when you see new colors in the eyes, and signs of strength that you always knew was hiding in there somewhere. Somedays you fear losing what you have, but you know the free bird needs its share of sunshine, eventually itll always come back home under your shade. Everyday you hope and you pray that the dreams come true, the colors get brighter, and the strength gets stronger, and you do whatever little you can to try and ensure that they do.

Sometimes you’re so strong it doesnt make sense to anyone, but you know you have to be if you are to ever break the chain. If it doesnt break now, the incidents will repeat themselves, and youll see yourself becoming one of those people with dead eyes. So you have to be strong. And when you have to be, you will be.

Sometimes you sit down and make plans that you know will probably not go according to plan, but you also know thats just cause God’s get a better plan.

Sometimes old teachers tell you the things that you always said to others, and other old people always told you how wrong and far from the truth you were, because theyre older and they know better. 

Some young ladies have got superb taste in clothes and everything else, but really bad taste in shades. 😛


19 responses to “Nip tuck

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  2. God always has a better plan, hopefully we can all learn to be happy with his plans

  3. yep, yep, yep, yep, and yep!

  4. Sometimes it does not matter, I mean sometimes nothing matters, Every thing seems so damn possible……!
    As if the world is not what it is, an YOU BELIEVE that anything you want will take the shape of reality…!

  5. sometimes you’re a dum dum 😀

    ps: i have no credit.

    screaming aunties are somehow always worse than screaming uncles. agreed?

  6. I liked this post, very much.

  7. Sometimes the tiniest thing transports you to another place another time and plays its magic on you. This songs so special to my childhood. And strangely this is the first time Iam seeing its movie. So thanks for that.

    BTW, Agreed Somethingtobe 😀

    and oh nice me thinking about somethings….

  8. i swear i left a comment here :S


  9. @leena
    that he does. somedays they just become so clear. 😀

    ji ji, bohot yep! 😛

    its funny how the world works aye?! 😀

    agreed!!! 😛

    im glad you do!! 😀

    this song was a hit in my childhood too, used to sing it all the time ;p


    hmmmm maybe some troll came and ate it!! 😀

  10. I like how you started every paragraph with ‘sometimes’.
    I liked this post. 🙂

  11. just got my youtube back,
    I guess ye meray childhood se bhi pehle ka song he,
    but mere se bhi choton ko poora yaad he,

    and by the by yours and razmer’s childhood would not be having differance of centuries,
    donon hi buddhey ho….!

  12. Sometimes I could not understand any link between the posts and the songs….haha..stupid of me….and the last line was perhaps the crux? 😛

    Thanks for the video. I watched it for the very first time. superb song!!

  13. Zinda ho? 😛

  14. Kar bhi do update yaar! 😛

  15. *knock*knock* Update?

  16. he is very lovely singer nd this song is very famous of his life nd more famous his self in this field very nice of this blog. 🙂

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