Gentlemen. start your engines.

You know youre busy as hell when you realize you havent looked at your face in the mirror in 3 days.

There was once a sad young child who didnt get any attention and got bullied and molested. He grew up and became a teacher and let his anger out on innocent children by burdening them with an hourly and shitloads of stupid case studies to be given on the same day, a week before the finals. I, being among his unfortunate victims. Go back into the kfc logo, freak!

The end

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12 responses to “Gentlemen. start your engines.

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  2. aww whiny little baby!! :mrgreen:

  3. I looked at myself int eh mirror after two days. I scared myself.

  4. teachers,
    ha haye haye teachers

  5. @pinkkay :(

    dont look at the mirror too often. cardiac problem hojayayga :P

    ji. bilkul. sahee farmaya aapnay!

  6. lol…then thank god u arent a girl, u would have died of a heart attack for not being able to look at ur face in the mirror for 3 days :P

  7. and they live happily ever after ?? No ?

    i dont like sad stories :S
    give it a happy ending

  8. @leena
    thank god!! :P

    yeh to tragedy hai, must have sad ending! :P

  9. i love twisted teachers.

    thye always leave you with the best of memories. :D

    Mine have made me laugh in the terriblest of times.

  10. @usama


    twisted is good! :D

  11. That never happened to me. Lucky me. :D I got to see myself in the mirror many a times a day. :D

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