Strictly for the beats.


11 responses to “Strictly for the beats.

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  2. why does Tea Break scam all of your posts?

    what’s on this post anyway? a bunch of vids? coz i can’t see nothing! (at work now so it probs all got blocked)

  3. its like one of those websites which list all the current posts from any blogs subscribed to it.

    its a bunch of house music tracks, shit i used to love ages ago, just heard some yesterday, so i decided to look for them online and post them here.

  4. so there it is.

    you said it.

    you used to love shit.


    *shakes head*

  5. ah i hate you and safi for the same reason: you guys make me listen to music, something which i have been trying togive up

  6. @stb

    you just cant think straight can you, perv? 😛


    mainay to nahi bola kay suno! 😛

  7. LEENA! Don’t be so weak! its just their recommendation! who cares?

    Farooq – kia karoon… perv bolo ya jo bhi… bas… *sigh* tumharay blog per hon na… is liye. can’t help perving at your words.


  8. saree topi mujhpay dal do! 😡

  9. ugh. forget it. you burger kids. 😛

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