Taliban with cheese.

Remember the taliban from the mid and late 90’s? the heroes who fought off the well armed russian military with their primitive weapons? the whole goddamn world celebrated it, the americans, us, the arabs, all of us supported them. After 1996 they setup a strict government, and everyone gave them recognition for the various crimes they ended in their society. There was no more poppy production there, rapes and murder cases fell to lowest, there was a single uniform government in a nation that had been at was for i think a 100 years? How many governments in the world have been able to handle crime the way they did?

The laws were determined by the ulema according to the sharia, mullah omar being nothing more than a front face of the organization. At the end of the day though, they needed time. Their laws probably did have flaws. The talibs (enforcers of the law) definitely had flaws. they lacked the needed education(modern and religious) to do the job they were allocated with more humanity, but do you really except a nation that has known nothing but war to turn all humane on us in a day? They had groups of people who were using the law in their own interest, just like it is in any other government in the world. The taliban needed time to overcome their problems, but they were working on them, and they did overcome a lot of them. But then they were a threat to the west, they were an alternate method of government that was proving to be strong and successful, they had free will and couldnt be dictated unlike us or the arabs. And given enough time, theyd be too strong a force to fight. So the world decided to tarnish their image, pick out whatever flaws they had and publicize them as animals.

Then they had 9/11. Lovely ass war campaign that was. 

So the world decided to bomb Afghanistan, and free the nation of these animals. Um, but what about palestine and kashmir and chechniya?? 

Those groups within and outside the taliban who were working in their own self-interest decided it was time to turn against the taliban too. As a result of their betrayal, the americans were actually able to land into afghanistan and win the war. For a minute. The taliban today again control 70% of all of afghanistan one way or the other. They still have over a dozen sharia courts where everyday people seek justice, and are given sanctuary by the people of the nation they allegedly so brutally governed.

Ok, i realize im ranting.

Coming to the pakistani taliban. After the US attack on afghanistan and subsequent betrayals by their own people, the ulema who were the backbone of this force were at risk. They had to be protected. In order to do so, most of the various groups that had joined the taliban were asked to leave. This included what we now call the Pakistani taliban. These were groups that were, by the taliban, basically suspected to have joined the other side or to have been working in interests of their own. Mullah Omar has strongly condemned the recent actions of this particular lot and has clearly distanced the afghan taliban from them.

My point merely being, the pakistani taliban, and the afghan taliban are two very different institutions.

Why do we support this american war? Why do we listen to them and rely on their media? Remember Iraq?

US: they have weapons of mass destruction

UN: um. they dont. we just checked.

US: they do.

UN: they dont.

US: you know where your paycheck comes from?

UN: they probably do.

US: if you insist, we shall go take a look.

UN: hail america

US: aha! saddam hussein! lets hang him. See, we freed iraq. Such a great nation we are.

Al-jazeera: Where are the WMD’s??

US: stupid terrirost channel. we freed iraq!! 

Iraqis: You’re stealing our oil.

US: *Booom!* Who’s your daddy now bitch?

So on and so forth.

I was gonna write about how cool i think OBL is, but im really not in my writing zone today. And im hungry.


92 responses to “Taliban with cheese.

  1. *five thumbs up*

    TV sucks. :/

  2. high five!

    news sucks, not tv! 😉

  3. So do we, the people, government, and everyone else, for not giving the Taliban a chance.

    And why do we believe whatever they say on TV? O_O

    I’m sleepy.

  4. lol. yeah. I only watch TV for the news. So 😦 That’s why.

  5. we humans are just stupid, i guess 😀

  6. it is also important to mention the origin of taliban movement. the whole taliban movement started when a commander abducted two teenage girls, shaved their heads and then they were taken to a military camp and repeatedly raped. ameer-ul-momaneen mullah omar on hearing this enlisted 30 talibs who had only 16 rifles between them attacked that commander base and saved those girls and hung the commander from the barrel of a tank.
    the whole purpose of taliban movement was to restore peace and enforce sharia law

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  8. oh! i learned something new today! 😀

  9. I feel llike eating a burger after reading the title of your post.


  10. The Afghan Taliban are still carrying out suicide attack missions in Afghanistan, I think you’ll agree eh?

    And in what way is that Islamic? And in what way is that serving a purpose for the religion of PEACE?

  11. in suicide missions one man is able to kill 10 or 20 of the opposition. nothing wrong with it. in afghanistan the taliban carry out suicide missions against the US military, i dont see how there’s anything wrong with it.

    Peace and freedom come for a price, you have to fight to maintain them. But then maybe they should sit and watch their country become a slave nation? like ours? maybe bitch about it in little articles or blog posts that no one really gives a shit about?

  12. we proudly talk abt 6th sept .. “awam pait per bomb baandh k dushman k tanks k aagay lait gaye…” even that’s a suicidal mission! point being, it has a regular occurrence in war for ages now!

    the issue comes in when the method is used to spread terror. anyway, so america is doing whatever it needs to for its own good…getting oil is in their interests!

  13. im surprised and happy to see that so many people actually agree with me! 😀

  14. I can’t believe what I’m seeing here.

    You people are ACTUALLY justifying suicide bombing?

    And, Anas, if America’s doing something shitty does that mean we have to join in the chorus? For the love of God.

    As far as watching their country become slaves to America – you actually think their method of retaliation is actually getting them somewhere? And you really think that undermining a literati revolution is what will stand as an argument here?

    The Afghan nation has been poverty-stricken and war-torn for ages. And unless you want to blame their civil war on America too, a nation gets what it has coming to it. If your infrastructure is weak, if your people are ill-educated and if your leaders are corrupt, powerful nations WILL come and take over you – which is why many people in Pakistan are concerned regarding standing up to America’s usage of our airspace etc.

    And I really don’t get this, Farooq. You actually think that by blowing up yourself and a couple of other innocent people is a method of survival? Does that mean I should strap a jacket too and go and blow up the American embassy instead of writing bitchy blog posts no one gives a shit about?

  15. PS. Ours is NOT a slave nation. Don’t forget that.

  16. Regardless of your views, the factual inaccuracy and your idiotic ignorance are disappointing.
    I get it, people like you need to blog and need to try to get a rise out of people, (What else would you do with your lives, right) but do some research first.
    You first two lines are: “Remember the taliban from the mid and late 90’s? the heroes who fought off the well armed Russian military with their primitive weapons?”
    Well, not considering of you trying being the second coming of e.e.cummings, you are wrong.
    I mean do you even know when the Russians left Afghanistan? Or why were they in Afghanistan in the first place?
    Do you even know even after the Russians left, the communist government didn’t fall in a day?
    Do you even know that Taliban never existed back then?
    Do you even know after the Russian exit and fall of the communist regime, the coalition government, formed on a troika of Rabbani, Hikmat Yar and Ahmed Shah Masood fell apart and a civil war ensued?
    Do you even know, it was then, when we, YES, we the Pakistani’s created Taliban, because our earlier posse Hikmat Yar wasn’t up to the task, was getting his ass kicked by Masood and we were ah so scared of an Iran Influenced Afghanistan.
    Do you know, it was then we changed the slogan of Jihad against godless Russians to a sectarian Jihad of Dev bandi Sunni’s against the Northern Alliance?

    Who the fuck are you?
    Learn some history idiot. And that cannot be done learning macnuggets which get thrown around on Geo.

  17. And btw… this was about the first two lines…

    “primitive ” weapons cracks me up too…


  18. as far as suicide bombing goes, just cause we’re not able to accept something, doesnt mean that its wrong.

    as far as retaliating is concerned, i know that it is getting them somewhere. a force as tiny as the taliban is able to hold down the strongest nation of the world, who is being backed by just about everyone out there!

    if you talk about the fact that a strong nation WILL invade a weak nation, then a weak nation WILL defend itself by any means neccessary.

    literati revolution is nothing but a shutup-and-watch-the-supreme-powers-fuck-whoever-they-want revolution.

    and sure, blow yourself up, but maybe in an american base camp rather than the embassy? haha

    our president goes around the world with a picture of his wife begging for money? Our military whines like a little bitch when drones bomb spots in waziristan whenever they wish to?
    We’re not a slave nation?

  19. @barooq

    i woulda replied to your comment, but women on pms arent really great listeners, so there obviously no point bothering. 😀

  20. and ill leave your comments on cause they show how literate, mannered and well informed you really are. thank you very much.

  21. Farooqk
    You cannot reply.
    Because you actually don’t know anything.
    And you’d either have to admit it, or answer the questions I asked, and when you will, you will negate your own two lines.
    I bet you are reading wikipedia right now…
    Btw…. not a bad idea

  22. And this is a challenge too…

    Reply !
    Reply the questions I asked you.

    Tell me Taliban fought Russians and back this up.

    Are you up to it, you ignorant fuck?

  23. you are absolutely right your highness. i realize today that i am the scum of the earth. 😦

    where did you acquire your greatness? i wish to learn from you too? or is it that you come from a great bloodline where wisdom is transferred down the generations in which case the best i can be is an ignorant fuck and you shall be the almighty?

    i shall take your first piece of advice and read wikipedia. is that what you read your royal highness??

  24. by the way, are you on steroids? or maybe a suicide bomber in training? 😀

  25. Still no answers…
    And i expected as much.

    Sarcasm can be power avoiding tool.

    And darling, I didn’t need to read wikipedia. Unlike you, I don’t blog about the topics in fashion: Terrorism being one nowadays. So I don’t need to catch up on my history just for the sake of replying to a guy who just showed me my ignorance…

    And anger and your denial aside.
    Can you tell me you knew history ?

    You can’t. Because you didn’t.

    Wikipedia would be a good start for you. At least you wil stop erasing 1985-1995 and declaring how Taliban fought the Russians.
    If you need to learn more, I am come up with a complete treatise on the topic.
    Because, I have lived through the years, actually looking around.

  26. yeah who the f*k are you farooq? f*n idiot.

    i wish you could be more like Mr Barooq – at least HE has some manners and facts.

    F*k this i’m going to read his awesome blog now.

  27. thank you for your feedback, i have learned a lot today. and i am very ashamed of myself. maybe i should commit suicide? sorry to have ticked you off 😦

    you can go back to beating your wife now 😀

  28. @somethingtobe


    i know. such an idiot. ppl like me should be thrown into a ditch at birth.

    only the magnificient greatness of the likes of Barooq should be allowed to dwell on this planet.

  29. Lolzz
    My wife is Minerva . Whether i beat her or not, she would tell you better.

    Still sarcasm and no actual facts.

    Denial , denial and denial.

    Babe, at least try to throw in a fact somewhere.

    like i said, nothing to my readers. thank you very much.

  30. And no farooqK.
    Mediocrity like you, defines are world.
    In fact, you are the heartbeat of it.

    If it wouldn’t for mediocrity like you, who would watch Geo?

  31. lol ill take back the wife beating comment.

    but otherwise dude, youre right, like i said, all i am is hollow and mediocre and i know nothing. the only thing i have going towards me is sarcasm. i succumb to your greatness. 😦

    but can you please cut back on the steroids? or maybe take something to help with the pms? for your own good? or im not allowed to tell you that?

  32. and please try not to diss any of my blog readers? or is that too much to ask??

  33. (We’ll cut out that first bit of your comment again)

    You can tell me what you want, and the same privilege should be extended towards me.

    Generally, I am comfortable with ignorance, especially about the terrorism and the Taliban. What pisses me off is completely cocooned and protected, ignorant folks like you spewing their non-existent knowledge.
    Till now, you are yet to admit you were wrong.
    And I said in the first comment, your personal views aside, you are wrong on history.

    You can keep your personal views, no matter how vile or immature they are.
    Ready to admit you were wrong on history?

  34. absolutely wrong i was. will that help your pussy stop bleeding??

  35. Lolzz
    You reacted so badly on a fuck…
    Now you retort to what?

    And don’t worry dude.
    I’ll leave you and your underdeveloped brain alone.
    You can have your little social commentory.
    I am sure, you have plenty of nitwits to cherish you.

  36. thank you very much. have a nice day.

  37. Wah wah!
    Maza aa gaya! 😀 😛

  38. lol i was made to realize how much of a waste of matter i am today aur tumain maza aa raha hai?!! tch tch tch. afsoos!! 😛

  39. LOL! 😀

    I’ll just clarify my comment, which is not really important after the conversation that has begun here. But anyway, I didn’t say suicide attacks are good, I just pointed out that they have been used for a very long time in wars.

    America is doing everything to protect its interest and what we’re doing is helping them instead of doing the same for our own people.

    Bas itnee si baat kahi thi maine 😛

  40. hahaha samjha karo yaar! 😛

  41. i was molested as a child. thats why im so angry. sometimes i want to get molested again. and that pisses me off even more.

  42. @barooq

    your comments are not welcome anymore here my friend. please go away.

    and get some help. you seriously need to see a shrink. a real one.

  43. ok. cut cut cut cut here. there. better.

    yeah i know i’m being offensive. but what barooq said could have undoubtedly be said in a much nicer and calmer manner.

    this was a good post farooq. and this cut cut barooq just made me really sad.

    much better!

  44. Mehreen Ali Kasana

    Terrible, Farooq. I expected logic and rationality from you.

  45. by the way. he ‘laugh out loudZZZZ ‘ alot.

  46. Mehreen Ali Kasana

    But anyway. Cheers.

  47. Mehreen Ali Kasana

    I am pro-Afghan through and through because I have Afghan blood but correct me if I’m wrong: Are you supporting Taliban for who they are and what they preach? I’d like to know.

  48. Okay, you know what.

    I was about to write a civilized reply cut cut cut cut cut.

    Listen up, Farooq. You’re swear-happy all the time so don’t tell me Barooq’s comments pissed you off. You didn’t answer Barooq’s questions about the legitimacy or the history of Taliban and from then on spurled a whole range of insults about PMS and bleeding cunts and all this debate needs now is a cut cut cut cut cut and there you go. I’m supplying it.


    Farooq, if you don’t want Barooq taking potshots at your commentors, and are deleting comments Barooq leaves to your commentors, kindly ask your commentors to refrain from what seems to be a thrill in their pathetic lives.

    We are a weak nation, not a slave one. Last I checked our enemies lie within us instead from across the Atlantic and a whining military doesn’t still mean a slave nation. Get your facts straightened out.

    I don’t know what makes you think that a weak nation has the right to teach 10 year olds to chant Allah hu Akbar in the name of Islam and blow themselves up after being paid off or either being brainwashed that they’ll get 70 virgins in Heaven.

    I’m still waiting for a reply on why you seem to justify suicide bombing. And no, Amreeka is killing us isn’t justified, just like it isn’t justified in Palestine or Kashmir or any of those places. You want to make a charity case out of Taliban go ahead. But don’t you DARE say you’re a patriot because these amazing Afghan Taliban that have entered the globe to fight the Kafir Amreeka are now the base cause of all the innocent civilians dying in Pakistan.

    Cut cut cut cut

  49. @shiny
    had to chop off some of your comment.

    i wouldve shown rationality and logic had i been adressed with a little decency. When a dog barks at you do you try to explain to it how youre not a hostile or do you just throw a stone at it? Me, personally, i just throw a stone. That, to me, is the logical thing to do.

    And, yes, i support the ‘afghan’ taliban for who they are and what they accomplished. Like i said, im sure there are flaws in their school of thought, but i feel they shouldve been given more time to correct these flaws.

    i NEVER go around calling ppl idiots or ignorant fools or whatever else, you know that(safi’s an exception).

    i dont think i claimed to be a historian or anything of the sort. although i do have a thing or two to say about what barooq said but really, would you like it if someone went balistic on your blog for no reason? And would you even want to reply to them? I mean come on, He was asking me questions? i dont think so! he was telling me how ignorant and stupid im! you KNOW im right here!

    And ill DARE to say whatever the hell i want to say.

    im so disappointed in the fact that youre actually pinning all of this on me. but whatever.

  50. she does the same thing if someone trashes her blog. (what you did)

    you can cut cut cut this. :p

  51. its what anyone would do.

  52. The comments make me sad. 😦

  53. me too. i want to cry! 😛

  54. People are mean. 😦

    Haha. Waisay, isn’t it weird we say stuff like everyone’s narrow-minded but the moment we see someone disagreeing with our point of view, we get hormonal? 😛

  55. He was asking you questions and you should’ve answered. I do the same thing when people seem to hate me for my opinions but have a question any way. I even did that for a guy who thought I was way in over my head, left comment after comment after comment on my blog, trashing me for what I said and I continued to reply. I did loose my cool at a point (and I don’t blame you for it) but I answered the questions, I justified my point of view.

    Kher. This is the end of this I hope. You can go ahead and defend the Taliban, I’m not going to say anything else on the matter and neither is Barooq I guess – and as for Shiny. Dude.


  56. Mehreen Ali Kasana

    Pointless. But anyway. The same happened on my blog when one commentator was pro-carpet-bombing-mosques while the other was anti-the-whole-notion. Guess that’s what blogs are for. E-wars.

  57. hence the term liberal fascist

  58. @minerva
    thank you!

    e-wars are so lame. haha

    ab bas kardo yaar.

  59. Mehreen Ali Kasana

    I just witnessed one on your post.

  60. whoa! i actually read 61 comments 😀
    Now as t what I think of suicide bombings…if its killing innocent ppl, i am totally against it but yea, as anas has pointed out, its an old war tactic but it should only be used against the real enemies and not on women shopping in meena bazaar.
    as for Pakistani Taliban, i hate em…all they have done is defame Islam and Pakistan. if they really are doing some service to Islam, why dont they blast off Heera Mandi in Lahore.

  61. @Leena S.
    But then, what are WE doing in the name of Islam?

  62. Good post Farooq, was going to write a similar one but you beat me to it. 😛

    and uh, no comment @ the comments. lol.

  63. @mehreen
    the things we get to see in life.

    lol ab heera mandi walon nay aisa kiya kardiya! 😛

    we’re doing nothing. as always. the things that are going wrong in our country, including the everyday bombings and what not, we’re obligated to do something about them, but we just sit and watch.

    lol i know. since i sensed you were gonna do one i had to beat you to it 😛

  64. oh someone agress with me! OMG! 😛

  65. uglyduckling91

    yup. we just know what’s wrong and we think that proving others wrong makes us right.
    our country isn’t suffering from illiteracy. it’s suffering from stupidity. 😀

  66. according to US state department,”The term ‘terrorism’ means premeditated politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant# targets by sub national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.”

    the keyword being NONCOMBATANT…i totally understand the use of suicide bombing as a war tactic…..but even wars have rules of engagement!..you wanna S bomb enemy’s Army,sure go ahead..but frequent killing of civilians (women, kids, old men, noncombatants in every sense of the word) is inexcusable..

    and yes, i know what collateral damage is

    ps: this comment was posted ONLY to flaunt writer’s ability to memorize definitions word for word..dont shoot me plz :mrgreen:

  67. Hey the arguments are over? *disappointed look*..

    Sad, really.

  68. @anas
    lol i agreed with you the first time! 😛

    spot on! 😀

    matlab css ki tayyari tight chal rahee hai! 😛

    sad that the arguments are over? 😛

  69. From the origin of the taliban movement through the peculiar journey it went through in the war- striken Afghanistan to date, I think it is where it HAD to be. There is so much more of history and reality that runs between all you say and believe farooq.

    Your point being that taliban should’ve been given more time and space was I admit my point of view at some point too. Then I started reading. And I DO know about all the propaganda literature that runs in the history of our world so don’t think I am that kinda sucker who would believe anything she reads.

    Ok what I wanna say is for a while I believed in what you say here. At the face of it they seem what you potray here. But things run deeper. The origin, the growth, russia, america, the internal war and pakistan, there is so much to the afghan-taliban.

    If nothing else just taking common sense in mind tell me what do you expect from a nation given power and weapons that has seen nothing but war from generations?

    ps: ok now I am hungry 😀

    pps: Sorry fraooq you had to go through this ’cause I had to bring this freaking idea up to you in another post.

    ppps: Its sorry to see sensible people like barooq going bananas. Minevra and Barooq have always made me proud to be a Pakistani. I guess we all are kinda frustrated now a days.

  70. @ minevra and barooq: I know what you feel and mean.

    I am sad and frustrated too.


  71. see why i dont like to discuss these things? 😛

    khair, ill have to reply to this one in another post too. sooner than later hopefully.

    btw, im not saying that the taliban were angels descended from heaven, just that they were the alternative, and a better one in my opinion. and that everyone who was involved in creating them is now so hypocritically trying to destroy them, not recognizing the fact that if this is infact a monster, its a monster they created themselves, and fighting it off does not make them heroes.

  72. why do i feel good for not really updating my blog lately 😛

  73. you were gonna write a pro-taliban post too? 😛

  74. well u already know how controversial my posts/comments tend to become 😛

  75. and yes i was thinking to write something about the current situation of Pakistan…which obviously would have had some stuff about Taliban

  76. lol go ahead and write it, i love reading the stuff you write. im gonna do another one on this too i think. kinda busy right now though.

  77. i just dont feel like blogging these days….altho i do have the time and there are certain things that i have in mind which i could blog about

  78. A weapon in the hands of an idiot is lethal.
    Khuda ganje ko nakhun na dey!

    suicide bombing itself ain’t a bad thing,
    its use on innocents is…!

    and I don’t think that use of suicide bombings is being professed here on innocent Pakistani or whatever nation.
    by the by I plan to use it somewhere in israel

  79. I’m kinda disappointed in your views too, Farooq. ANY government or group or movement that uses any form of violence against innocents should be condemned. Regardless of what ’cause’ they seem to be fighting for. As Pinks said there are rules of war as well, and jihad especially can only be carried out in certain conditions, with the permission of the goverenment of the time. Women, children, non combatants, hell even animals and trees are supposed to be left unhurt. I don’t know HOW, as a muslim, you can support people who don’t even bother to read or study the Quran and supposedly rise up in Allah’s name.

  80. hmmm i think we’re not talking about the same people here?

  81. Haha baat tou sab aise ker rahe hain, as if you writing this post has birthed the next set of sleep walkers who go around setting crap on fire with their stupidity (because I find ‘ignorance’ to have some character).

    Sheesh, language, tch.

    I used to think the exact same way. But then I learnt better and stood corrected. I’d disagree with you, not the whole of it, but yeah. Though what I would say, I know where you come from. 🙂

  82. @hafsa
    i had to read that first bit of your comment thrice before i could make heads or tails out of it 😛

    hmmm im more than willing to concede that i must be wrong in a lot of my judgements here, but then this is just how i look at this stuff. ill put up more in another post once i get out of lazy zone. 😀

  83. I am sorry for being that way. 😦

    I make sense to me, in my head. Like ‘all the time’. 😀

  84. lol dont be! it makes you interesting! 😛

  85. yar next post kero!

  86. yaar mood nahi hai 😛

  87. Senilius was here! 😛

  88. why the hell does he have a suit on?! 😛

  89. Tu jal kyun raha hai? 😛

  90. bachpan ki aadat hai 😀

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