the 25 tag.


Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, its because I want to know more about you.

Ahem. Here goes.

1. I spent 2 years trying to get into art school. Took classes. Made a kickass portfolio, and got really really good at it. But i could never clear their interview. I still have no clue why. But im glad.

2. I eat. A LOT! Sometimes when im eating i feel guilty, cause of all the poor kids who starve in this world while i eat till there’s no room left.

3. Even if ive just had dinner or lunch, after a drive, i feel hungry again. Always!

4.  I love cheesecakes. And steaks. And nihari. And beef cheese rolls. And bbq club’s. And fish and chips. And and and and…

5. I have a sharp nose. I smell women. I smell ALL women. If you’re a chick, and ive met you, ive prolly smelt you. I cant help it.

6. Im insanely perverted.

7. I love the smell of fish waste near the port. I find it very comforting.

8. In school i used to bite and spit at kids who tried to push me. The intent was to hurt them in the head. It always worked.

9. I had a crush on my english teacher in grade 6. She was the first person i remember smelling.

10. The first time i ever tried to get high was by sniffing glue. Bison kit aka Samad bond. What else do you expect from a 9th grader?! 😛

11. The first girl i dated asked me out herself. I was shit scared.

12. Most the chicks ive dated i didnt really like as people. This i did so i wouldnt regret if i had to hurt them somehow.

13. I’ve only been in love once. It makes me feel fourteen. But i totally dig it.

14. In school i got beat up and broke both my hands at different times. There were a lot of lessons learned.

15. In school i got to be vice captain, sigma house. I ran the 200m and played midfield in football most of my life. In the 200m i was always among the top 3. For some reason, i never told my family about this. They still dont know.

16. I am a completely different person to different people.

17. I like to think that the lesser you have, the more freedom you have. Ive never wanted a lot of money, or a big house, or a big car, or the fanciest phone.

18. At some point in life, id like to go live alone in the woods, like that movie ‘into the wild’. (ive wanted to this since long before i saw this movie)

19. I havent had a solid fever or flu or cough that has put me to bed in maybe 3 or 4 years. Ive had maybe two or three headaches in all my life.

20. I like to climb and jump off stuff. Once i climbed the grill in my office balcony, and hung on to the other side. If i had let go, id fall 11 storeys. I loved the way that felt. (And im not suicidal or anything of the sort, so shutup)

21. Im the only person i know who’s quit drugs, alcohol, and chicks (alhamdulilah). Smoking too, but still kinda fighting that one in my head. I know how bloody hard it is and im wicked proud.

22. I have always had immense respect for religious people. I never stare at religious ladies, cause i fear God will get mad at me and strike me with lightning. Hats off for the courage they display in giving up so many everyday worldly things.

23. Im pro afghan taliban.

24. I used to think i was so cool. Reality has dawned upon me. 😛

25. I kinda want to look like those roid monster bodybuilders like ronnie coleman or Flex wheeler. But not really.

Ok. Tag done. Sleep time. 😀


47 responses to “the 25 tag.

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  2. okay, one question. which art school did u apply to? and what art course? cause like, i’m staying home for a year just to make a portfolio…and if this thing goes to waste, i dunno what’ll i do.

  3. lol i didnt apply anywhere fancy, just our local indus valley. And if you’re applying there, it wont go to waste, cause EVERYONE gets in! everyone except me that is. 😀

  4. 6, 16, 17, 23.

    I can’t smell girls. 😦 They scare me. But you can and I respect you! \m/

  5. okay well you scared me. cause im not in karachi :O not even in pakistan :\ argh. but hey u dont need a portfolio for indus? its only they app test?

  6. @ud91

    lol youre the bomb bro! Give it a shot, they dont bite! 😉




    yeah they dont, but i was trying to be overefficient! 😀

  7. I am a completely different person to different people.
    thats pretty much like me!

  8. @leena

    birds of a feather! 😛

  9. This was a FUN read. I’m glad I liked you before I read this, because then it would just “somehow” fall into a plan. Ahem. ;D

  10. Ah! And it’s 1st of November – would you just look at that. Looks so pretty. ^^,
    (err I just noticed)

  11. you and your cryptic coded talk, is so difficult to comprehend? Were you a puzzle in a previous life?! 😛

    lol @ 1st of november!

  12. This is probably the best 25 random wala tag I have read so far 😉

  13. Want a qoute from the great Bon Scott?

  14. Oh, this was a fun read! 😛

  15. If Freud were alive, he would have loved to interview you about your grade 6 English classes. 😛

    Well done on no. 21.


  17. A different person to different people? I can relate to that. But then I feel hypocritical about it sometimes. Do you?

  18. @qa
    thanks! thats the coolest comment ive read today 😛


    Zank you! 😀

    i think freud and i would get along great! 😛
    and thanks! 😀

    Totally pro Afghan taliban!

    No! you have to be a different person to everyone when you do, dont you?! 😛

  19. :O

    You’re ONE odd ball.

    You LIKE to jump off places?

  20. I can’t believe this.

    You’re pro-Taliban. Afghan or not, they’re all a bunch of nutters!

  21. the best one was no 20…!

  22. You know…. they have invented this really great thing where you type in something and press a button, and it gies you a LOT of information on the thing you just typed…. I cant remember what its called…. oogle? boogle? koogle? poogle? shoogle? ahhhh! cant remember….

    You should try it sometime! Its REALLY cool!

  23. Im glad on number 24 ..

    And uh…. forget the number of things that horrify me 😀 (kinda makes me glad I haven’t been “out” and “interacting” much..:S — thank God for strict parents.. )

    Oh well….*shrug*….to each his/her own…

  24. @pd
    yeah, i just wonder how it would feel like. and then most days i do it. except with buildings and stuff. 😛

    thats bullshit! 😀


    no need to be a smartass, i know doogle is! 😛


  25. Then you dont need to be a dumbass… DUMBASS!!

  26. you might wanna revisit 22
    and definitely do 18 *thumbs up*

  27. Strong willed guy there @21

    I think somehow or the other we all are different to different people. or else i was always the bad headed hypocrite and thought all were..lolz

    pro taliban … :/… hmmm 😀

  28. @safi


    thank you!
    lol i think we’re all different to different people too, so its okay, youre not a hypocrite.
    pro AFGHAN taliban. there is a difference.

  29. “That’s bullshit”


  30. Lolz, i relly enjoyed reading the tag. I must agree, it is one of the best 25 tag i’ve read till now! 😉

  31. 9. I had a crush on my english teacher in grade 6. She was the first person i remember smelling

    SO weird that you remember the first person you smelt lol!

  32. @sadia
    thank you! and im glad you enjoyed it!

    @the sheikh
    i know. im weird like that. 😛

  33. they have more experience?

    or just because they are not ruining pakistan? (btw I think they are)

    Come on Taliban are taliban, don’t you think?

  34. i dont usually debate this stuff with ppl but ill give you my perspective just cause i think you’re actually interested in listening. ill put it in a post.

  35. seen the movie ‘perfume’?

  36. lol. yes. badass.

  37. LOL @ No. 8. My nephew had this habit of biting and spiting and kicking also. We had received many warning calls from the school. But he has left it when he was beaten hardly by a girl of play group :D. He feels so embarrassed on it and scared also lol

  38. hahahaha i always got along with the chicks. never pick a fight with a woman! i got slapped by a few girls by the way, but this was when i was in my teens 😛

  39. lolz….he’s just in nursery right now but i can now hope that he would grow old coO0Ol like you 😛

  40. lol i hope not. growing up to be like me is NOT a good thing 😛

  41. well it depends on the definition of ‘being coOol’ which may vary from person to person 🙂

  42. lol haan phir sahee hai! 😛

  43. “. Even if ive just had dinner or lunch, after a drive, i feel hungry again. Always!”

    i hear you =p

    .. oh and yea, even i got into indus valley.. i ED-ed.. and i carely sketch.. that too, just abstract stuff when i feel like it.. I think they got scared cuz you were too good o_O

  44. lol

    yeah, that way prolly it! 😛

  45. two years down the lane and you’re barely any of these!!
    Proof? you never smell my perfume!
    proof? you fall sick more often!


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