Regret. remorse. and all that jazz.

On occasion you deny someone the small kindness.

Because deep down inside you hold a tiny, unjustifiable grudge. Although you do nothing to hurt the person. You do nothing to help when you could. You just watch. And its not a great feeling when you get to look in their eyes and see that little moment of helplessness. I don’t mind hurting people, so long as they’re bigger than me its okay. But i don’t like to hurt the weak. Nothing justifies it.

I like to think that im not a half bad person. But sometimes i feel that like most other people out there, i am nothing but talk.


20 responses to “Regret. remorse. and all that jazz.

  1. awww
    just say sorry and offer a candy

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  3. lol. ji acha. 😛

  4. I don’t EVER offer help to those bigger than me. Specially when I see them heading full tilt towards a ditch I know is there and they don’t. Because it always comes to bite me afterwards. So better for your peace of mind and oh-so-unpolitical to pretend you didn’t know anything in the first place.

  5. O h who cares about the ones who are mightier ,
    want to call it jealousy than do…!
    hell with them.

    but it,s always different with the weaker one…
    I used to think that only i have that stupid of a mind…,
    but well watching you ppl…!
    kher he..!

  6. @specs
    youre evil!! 😀


  7. What’s wrong with those bigger than you? *curiously*

  8. lolz I just love my “Well I did warn you!” moments….. Humans are socially selfish animals, don’t beat urself up about it! 😉

  9. @uni

    i dunno, just that it doesnt feel bad when you hurt them.


  10. One should be awesome, instead.

  11. Lol ay UD91.

  12. Yah!

    And UD91, YEAHH!!! That’s the way to live your life!

  13. @ uni

    well many reasons….,
    for one, we know that they can go on without our help.
    It just doesn’t satisfy our ego.

  14. @duckling

    motoo 😛

  15. Hurting the weak is kinda mean.

    But grudges can be overpowering.

    Can’t blame you.

  16. Hurting the strong doesn’t make sense if they haven’t done anything to you.

    Kinda like.. initiating hatred or something.. Weird.

  17. @minerva

    it sure is mean.


    uggghhh i mean if i have something against them. and for a reason! 😛

  18. I’ve never met a weak person. Nobody’s that good at pretense anyway.
    Seeing them helpless must’ve meant something to you, other than well the way you’ve put it, jabhi you went ahead with it. Or well, I always know “why” I don’t give in, the times I don’t. (:

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