Can the head and the ego really fight the heart? Can a prison made out of your own promises contain you? Or is that wildchild in me still alive somewhere?


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  1. Yes, yes, and sigh! yes.

  2. Shut up and listen!

    In the words of philosopher Bon Scott…

    “Living easy, living free
    Season ticket on a one-way ride
    Asking nothing, leave me be
    Taking everything in my stride
    Dont need reason, dont need rhyme
    Aint nothing I would rather do
    Going down, party time
    My friends are gonna be there too

    Im on the highway to…”

  3. the wildchild BETTER not be alive… 😛

  4. The fight is what makes life so much more interesting.

    If one of the other kept on winning, it just wouldn’t be that … edgy.

  5. And he does seem high. On AC-DC.

    On the ‘high’way to hell.

  6. Maybe.No.You’d know better.

  7. @pd
    lol thats not what i meant! 😛

    yes, hes kinda freaky like that.

    so much for staying away.

  8. Can the head and the ego really fight the heart?

    No. It can’t. In some cases it maybe, but no! Listen to the heart. It’s on the left, but its always right. 🙂

  9. i doubt that its always right, but yeah. 😀

  10. perhaps its just that you have too much time to kill

    and trust me i have asked them all questions from myself and i ended up being quite fucked up.


  11. @razmer

    hmmmm 😛

  12. i don’t know. my heart always wins. ego gives it a shit hard time but still loses.

  13. who cares?

    if you were asking me about my ego and my heart, we’d have a different story.

  14. Update kar bhi do bhai! 😛
    If you don’t have anything to write about, just do the tag. QA tagged you! 😛

  15. Er, ego is … separate from your heart?
    And thoughts from your BRAIN . … aren’t part of your heart?

    The centralised system IS the heart. So fighting ke koi bat he nahi :p

  16. where art thou?

    we need an update and oh youve been tagged. 😛

    [everything okay?]

  17. as can be seen

    farook is being missed

  18. @hira
    yeh heart bara sharatee hai! 😛

    we totally would! 😛

    update done! tag after papers! 😀

    we were speaking metaphorically! but youre right, fighting shighting ke to koee baat nahi! 😛

    thee is here 😛
    update done, tag after papers.
    everything great! 😀

    you, my friend, are quite observant! and my blog readers are the coolest, for that i am greatful! 😀

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