Kiss kiss bang bang.

The so called talibs again. They’re going ballistic on us. One attack a day just doesnt get them the media attention they need anymore. Seriously, did your parents ignore you as a child? 

Im not dying for grades. I just want to pass my courses with grades good enough to graduate soon. Im tired of how school makes me feel. But there’s a long way to go.

Its funny how some kids are. It shows on your face how much you hate it when your friends score better than you do. Dont you know there’s more to life than a grade or a number?

I hate chains and cycles and circles. They keep taking you back to the same place. Over and over and over. And you cant fix it. As predictable as the human condition is, it applies to us all.

When i look at everyone from a distance, doing their thing, i think i can do better. But that’s probably what everyone else thinks when they look at me. At the end of the day, we are insignificant and irrelevant.

I dont like how dull ive made my life. I dont like it when everywhere i go people tell me i look like shit. Shitcakes to you too.  Can you please stop rubbing it in?

God help us all. Because most days we cant really help ourselves.


20 responses to “Kiss kiss bang bang.

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  2. oh hello.

  3. That is a beautiful song.

  4. You dont HAVE to make your life dull & still live the ‘good’ life..

  5. if you find it dull, you should do something about it.

    If people think you’re .. “whatever you said”, then again, you should at least ONCE analyse your own self, to see whether there is an iota of truth in whatever they think..
    If there isn’t.. ignore them. That’s it.
    And if there is…again, do something about it.

    Finally, I fail to make the connection b/w the title and this post….

  6. Dude you don’t look like shit, you know that. Shit’s better 😛

    I know I’m treading a delicate path, you can go on and on with shit. God save me :S

  7. @shiny
    hello shello

    yes sir, that it is!

    i know, just dont have the drive to kill the dullness. 😀

    there’s a whole lot of iotas of truth to it. but i cant do anything about it. 😀
    and there is no connection 😛

    hahaha i shall show you mercy. Simply because i dont want to make an effort. 😛

  8. I like cycles. They let me write some clean looking code at work.

    *pats your back for your policy on grades*

  9. hmm you tech people are kinda freaky 😛

    and thank you! 😀

  10. They probably WERE ignored as children.

    Beaten to the core, too.

    Manhoos kaheen key.

  11. @uni
    there’s a whole lot of iotas of truth to it. but i cant do anything about it. :D@uni

    Therein lies the problem. Why ever not?

  12. @minerva

    long story.

  13. I love school! Heck I m fighting to stay in longer…

    And like the great Bon Scott said…

    “Its a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n’ roll!”

  14. u luk fine… dont worry….

    jst have a hair cut… 😛

  15. lol my avatar is an old photo! now my hair is short, close cropped.

  16. thats coz you REALLY do look like shit and you need help my friend! =P

  17. Who of us isn’t a shit?
    it,s just times and moments…. and mirrors perhaps.

  18. @saad
    shutup, ive seen your bloody n.i.c pic!!! 😀

    we are all shit! Shit is all over the place. The world is full of shit. The shit has hit the fan. 😉

    and youre right! Welcome to the blog! 😀

  19. yeah, and about the jealousy thing… Well that’s not a big problem, as far as I have figured out…!

    One only need to have the guts to accept the fact that yeah, HE IS JEALOUS…!
    The moment you accept that, some-thing solid just slips off your mantel and one feels as light as one can.
    Thanks for the welcome

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