Over Enthusiasm and being overly aggressive arguing something that everyone knows is stupid, is not easy to bear. And it doesnt make you cool.

Buttering or sucking up are diplomatic words meant to describe an act that is pretty low, reducing you to someone who cannot get anything done with hardwork.

Our BC teacher is a baba who’d fit in better telling stories to his grandkids rather than teaching. I like the guy, sure, but hes not a teacher, hes a grandpa.

Im not allowed to call girls yummy anymore. Apparently if i do that i end up getting lectured.

The ‘*so-called talibs’ are pottying in GHQ. Zardari and freak-of-a-son are partying in the west?

So. What else is news?

*Edit upon reader request. 😛


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  1. who’d lecture you if u’l call girls yummy? 😛

    And dude, kal ka scene tou hadd hai…i mean that attack was just so audacious!

  2. I like it when you’re this happy! =P

  3. I think yummy is a compliment

  4. “Over Enthusiasm and being overly aggressive arguing something that everyone knows is stupid, is not easy to bear. And it doesnt make you cool.”

    Hahahahaha! Dude! I know! No need to post about it!!!

  5. @leena
    you dont wanna know. 😛
    and yeah, pretty crazy. But then, pakistan has always been crazy, so its okay.

    im glad you do, werna main kia karta! 😛

    so do i, some people find it offensive. Particularly when its not for them, and the intent is evil. Well, i wouldnt call it evil, but whatever.

    hahaha actually this one was not for you. It was for a couple of kids in my class. Your case is unique, youre a psycho, so i dont really hold anything against you. 😀

  6. and potty features in all ur converstations!

  7. You upbeat attitude is killing me. Must you always be so happy when there’s so much sadness in the world and its Monday?


  8. haha i hate mondays too. so does the rest of the planet.

    and well, have a downbeat attitude will do no one any good, will it? 😛

  9. @anas
    zahir hai 😛

  10. the P word again.


    Grow up!

  11. they stayed there for so long. You think they didnt even potty once?! 😀

  12. News – Stephen Gately died. Yes, I know he’s gay. And I’m not mourning because I used to be a Boyzone fan, I’m mourning because he was only 33 – it’s like a reminder that you can die any minute! 😮

  13. lol yeah, and micheal jackson’s death was really sad too, cause hed just gotten a new nose and all! 😛

  14. I’m glad you are back to yourself now 😉

  15. totally back, thank you very much. 😀

  16. You call girls YUMMY?

  17. Yummy is a good word. |=

  18. @alsheikh

    thank you bro! You have a killer blogname! 😉

    well the ones that are really yummy, i do, yes.

    yes, that’s what i used to think too! 😀

  19. Yummy ?

    May not be an evil-intentioned adjective, but if thrown around everywhere at whim..

    Becomes so..


    The talibs huh…. what makes you so sure..

  20. Some feminist should really kick your butt.

  21. @uni

    lol i agree, it does 😛

    And well, alleged talibs. I consider myself pretty pro afghan talibs wese, although naturally im totally against the ‘so called’ talibs here in pakistan.


    feminists can come ‘kiss’ my butt. 😀

  22. *shrug* then you should have written “so-called talibs” …

    Cuz when you use the word, you group every Marha, Marhay, and Moron into one category.

    Just a thought.

  23. *ahem* thats what i wrote. 😉

  24. Yummy girls.

    Ouch. I didnt read that.

    Your ass deserves to be kicked. REALLY hard.

  25. i’m certain there are quite a few who’d disagree with you. 😛

    Now go wash your mouth with soap, kid. muahaha

  26. I.am.not.a.kid.



  27. i’m certain there are quite a few who’d disagree with you. 😛

    Course. And there are quite a few who wouldn’t.

    *ahem* thats what i wrote. 😉

    That’s what you *edited* ..

  28. calling a girl yummy is not decent dude 🙂

  29. @qa
    thats exactly what a kid would say. 😛

    lol aik hi baat hai 😉

    who said anything about decency? 😛

  30. Girls are not food! :O

  31. LOL @ ALL the comments above! 😛

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