Looking at the world differently, can often be the sign of trouble.

If youve missed this one, do watch! The movie, that is. [or just read the book!]


11 responses to “

  1. looking at the world differently is actually a good sign….thats wat all genius people have done so far

  2. but then thats wat all crazy ppl do as well 😛

  3. genuises are crazy too 😛

  4. LEENA!! You’re posting comments on Farooq’s blog but not posting pictures~!! Hadd!

  5. thats cause she likes me a whole lot more than she likes you! 😀

  6. that he does. all the way.

  7. i just watched it today,after reading this post. not the whole thing tho,but loved it. thanks for sharing:)

  8. awesome movie …. Sean Penn Rocks too !!

  9. oh yes it is!

    Welcome to the blog!

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