The wackness

The past week has been a major drag. Ive stayed at home throughout, even on eid, getting out only to go to work. Ive been skipping all my classes cause i cant seem to make myself want to go to school anymore. The bright side is, things have been so low, im sure something really good will happen soon just to even it out.

In other news, today was Leena’s wedding. It was nice to see a small, simple wedding, where the bride and groom actually looked comfortable and more than just a couple of puppets. Leena has a been a great friend throughout and is one of the nicest ppl i have ever come across. May Allah(SWT) grant her true wedded bliss and a life well worth envying.


21 responses to “The wackness

  1. Mujeh PHOTOS dekhni hain!

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  3. bachiyan thee wahan??

  4. Wishing leena all the happiness. I’m sure she’ll read this soon.

  5. @minerva

    sabruka! 😛

    yaar, me and absar spotted like two hot chicks in total 😛

    i doubt. she just got married, wouldnt have the time 😀

  6. Your week sounds like most of us. 😦

    Congrats to leena!

  7. lol sucks all around i guess

  8. how was it? wish i could’ve made it… 😦

  9. tum kehti ho aati nahi! you wouldve fit in perfectly! lots of religious ppl around you know 😛

  10. Congrats to Leena and ameen to your duas 😀
    what ya studying?

  11. stupid business 😛

  12. Hey PD! Wish you had come. Farooq and Absar bored the hell out of me.

  13. @pd

    absar was saying hira’s so boring plants die of boredom if she sits with them for 5 minutes. I couldnt disagree 😀

  14. When things are low, we’re always looking for a high. Sometimes I’m afraid when things are high, something not so good is going to happen. You feel that too?
    Also, weddings are awesome! :d

  15. @H2

    i feel that too, all the time. But i dont let it get in my way 😀

    sometimes the ppl at weddings are awesome! 😉

  16. “May Allah(SWT) grant her true wedded bliss and a life well worth envying.”
    Amen to that. and yes she is a very polite and nice person.

  17. Maybe that’s the reason she hasn’t postied anythin recently…

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