Dear God, 

Please send someone over to attach a power button to my brain, or at least a reset button. That voice in my head wont stop, can you have someone mute it for me? Please? Pretty please?

With great adoration,

Your Humble Servant.


10 responses to “Killswitch

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  2. nooo!! just a regular switch for when my brain starts acting up too much! 😛

  3. I’d like to ask the same question, you HAVE a brain? 😮

    And if your brain starts acting too much, just hit it hard against the wall or even the monitor screen! It shall work 😉

  4. haha couldnt you come up with something yourself?! 😛

    and is that what you do? 😉

  5. Pehlay dimagh mango then go on to button shutton 😛

  6. @qa

    woh to saddar say miljayayga!! 😛



  7. umm try Actifed cough syrup..2 table spoons and you will be dead to the world for at least 7 hours

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