Behold, the sweet-n-spicy chococheese omlette paratha roll!

Every once in a while, when yours truly feels like he would like to try something unique, he takes a tour to the kitchen and goes ballistic with something. Now im no chef or nothing, but what i am is an experienced eater. Ive got over 2 decades of experience in the consumption-of-all-edibles field to show for, so you best not take me lightly.

Being the desi that i am, my omlettes will never have more than 3 eggs, infact most days they just have two. So two eggs beat very well with about 2 tablespoons or hersheys syrup, chilli powder, and a little more than a pinch of salt will produce the mixture that will produce the most exquisite omlette ever.

Fry with love on a pan sizzling with fresh creamy butter. Add shredded cheddar cheese, however much you may like(i added about a handful). Fold the cheese omlette over the cheese to create a wrap of sorts. Cook till the omlette looks the color of fresh bull shit. Now you may think this is a horrid idea, but when the air fills with the tingling aroma of buttery chocolate and warm cheddar, you will thank me for sharing!

Roll your freshly fried omlette into a piping hot paratha to make yourself the most mouth-wathering breakfast ever. To be served with hot roohafza-chai (for those of you who are very foreign or just very burger, roohafza chai is just milk tea with roohafza).

Burp. Spank you very much! Now i go sleep. 😀


29 responses to “Behold, the sweet-n-spicy chococheese omlette paratha roll!

  1. awwwwwwww just for me??

    shooo shweet! 🙂

    Sounds sickeningly sweet actually – i’ll have to just take your word for the fact that was it yummy 🙂

    pig! 🙂

  2. quick! patent it! the idea that is…

  3. Awww shucks! Wrong time to read this post I guess! 😦 … 8 in the morning. I want parathaaa too now, with garam chaiii.

    I hateeee chaii, but its that only thing that can help my sick throat at this time.

  4. @m

    jo kehta hai wohi hota hai. 😀

    wouldnt do any good, this is pakistan! 😛


    hhawww 😛

  5. arghhhh i just made an omelette, why couldnt i see this post before!

  6. lol chalo next time! 😛

  7. i was thinking more for an overseas market… but fine… you stick to paki.

    such a local mindset… tsk. tsk. tsk.


  8. Rooh Afza CHAI?!

    Dude, yours truly is a vewy vewy experience eater and I can eat frog legs without a thought but roohafza chai made ME go green.

    And must you liken a good chocolate omelette to a poo patty? No SERIOUSLY! WTH!

    (P.S. Try pouring the chocolate ON the omlette after the cheese has melted. Its going to be EW. Hahaha)

  9. @m

    local all the way! you know me, im a countryboy. 😀


    youve had frog legs?! 😛

    its the same color. almost! 😀

    haha wouldnt want to ruin my lovely omlette now would i!!

  10. OMFG HERSHEY’s SYRUP with Chili Powder?!


  11. i’m sorry, but that just sounds disgustingly wrong.

  12. chili is added to chocolate in latin america – it’s supposed to work as an aphrodisiac (hmm…maybe thats why farooq is the way he is)

    but duuude- hersheys chocolate+ cheddar= EW!

  13. @minerva and Hira

    im sorry to say but you ladies have no taste in food. 😀

  14. Dude! You could put nutella in it! Give it more punch!

  15. Yeah and add rooh afza chai to the omelette too while you’re at it.


  16. nutella wouldnt mix in right!

  17. @minerva

    that would just be brutal! 😛

  18. Ew? Ew.

  19. That’s one of the cutest recipes ever :D..

    Will HAVE to try it 😛

    Ever gone for ice-cream mixed rice? 😀 ahhhhh

  20. lol never! there’s some choco chip ice cream in the fridge, i think i might your new idea out! 😛

  21. Great. And I don’t mean saadhay chawal. I meant shadeed mirchi wali biryani 😛

    Waisay… I tried this because I can’t eat mirchi. So if you’re a fan of spices, skip that 🙂

  22. lol i guess ill have to wait for when biryani is made! 😛

    and i come from a low salt low mirchi eating household, hence my threshold with spices is pretty low too 😀

  23. Booooooooo! You are supposed to be a bihari!!!!! Lots of mirchi and what not!

    You are a disgrace!

  24. oh god…….!
    believe me the description was actually argh.!
    What were your intentions before writing that?

  25. i just wanted to share! it tasted great! ive made it many times since. 😀

  26. Yesterday I told my mom, all the recipe, just to see those EWWs and ARGHs she does when disgusted.
    Obviously I omitted some of the description..!

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