No make no sense

You dipped a biscuit in your mother’s tea. She smiled, you loved the way it tasted. You did it again. She smiled again. This time the smile had a purpose. This time you didnt like the way it tasted. This time it was poisoned. But it made you a part of this world. You are now corrupted.

The first world demands cheap goods.

The industrialist exploits the poor.

The poor burn cars, wreck atms, create a ruckus.

The industrialist pays the politician to keep the law on his side.

The politician exploits the poor.

The education system ensures the poor remain poor.

Banking and modern day economics sure they get poorer.

The rich live lavish lives, the poor starve. They watch, and they anger.

The ones in the middle struggle. Theyd rather be the ones pointing the gun that the ones who its aimed at.

Wars are fought for oil and money. In the name of freedom, and democracy and religion.

You cant tell who’s really fighting for religion and who’s not.

You with your sense of righteousness, that applies to everyone but yourself.

You with your code of conduct, which is nothing more than a show.

You fit into your world. All of us do. Because you dipped in too many biscuits. And the venom spread through your body. You walk around assuming that the universe revolves around you. We all do. Like you’re the sun, like this little planet has six billion suns. Each unaware of the other. Most of these suns are very dark though. Very. Not very sunly of them. And the planets that surround them are sullen and barren and dry. And you spread this misery. You sow it into this earth. You demand that it worship you. You. So very flawed. You will reap nothing more than what you sow.

Who’s to judge? You are. I am. We are each after all, the sun.


8 responses to “No make no sense

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  2. whats wrong with you? its like you’re on a depression spree.

    Things happen – the World is a mess – but there is beauty in the World, you just need to find it.

  3. its just the effect of Ramadan……bhooka hai bechara 😛

  4. @pd

    haha leena’s answered your question quite well 😛

    beauty and the beast??


    Thank you for the help! 😛

  5. I concur. Depression spree.

  6. @kid1

    you are depressed?! 😛

  7. nah.i think you just realised the joy of splurging. he na? 😛

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