Good boys and good girls

My my my! Look what we have here. Expectations. And reasons. And beliefs. You think we could use them to have our way here. I think we could. 

I know what we need. Control. Order. Not God’s law, or anything divine. But a hollow system, powered by hunger and greed, feeding on everyone, crushing everyone who chooses to question it. Yes. If they think too much, we’ll corner them. Put them on pills. Tell them theyre crazy. And they’re not good enough. And thats what theyll become.

Ever since you were a child. They watched over you. 

You have to go school. Mommy i dont want to. You dont know what you want. Just leave him here. Its okay, he’ll stop crying, they all do. Be a good boy. /Why are you second? Didnt i teach you everything? Mommy i forgot. But i taught you everything! Im sorry. Sorry doesnt mean anything, all my work has gone to waste. No more playing outside. /Who was that you were playing with? Hes my friend. He cant be your friend! Hes from the slum. Those kids arent good company. But hes my friend. You just wont get it. Ive tried so hard. What did i do wrong. You’re not playing outside anymore.

But thats not what i want to do. You dont know whats best for you. We do. Just do as we say and youll thank us later. *Can you let me do what i want and ill thank you right now??*

Its a war against terror! Freedom for the world! Democracy! Power to the people! What terror?? Them arabs with them weapons of mass destruction! You mean like the ones you have? The ones thatve only ever been used by you? Yes, maybe! Well have to go and see. But what if theyre not there? But what if they are?! We cant take the risk. And shutup. And we’ll pay you with oil!

But i dont want to marry him! Youre getting old. Soon your skin will shrivel and youll start to rot. No one will want you anymore. You have to marry him! We raised you and took care of you! We have expectations. But its my life, dont i get to choose? Are you insane? You dont know what you want! We know best. We’re old! We’ve seen the world! But this not what i want for myself! I think i know what it is, someone’s put a spell on you! I knew it. They hate us. They want to see us disgraced! Just do as we say. Its whats best for you! Do you really care about me?! Of course we do. Who else would care but us?! Everything we’re doing we’re doing for you! Why are you so ungreatful?!

Itll make my neck hurt! I dont want to wear a bloody turban! Oh, but you have to wear it! Everyone wears it! How can you not wear it?! Here, take a few pain killers! You’ll do just fine.

Dont look happy. Make sure youre always looking down. Dont look up. You are our izzat. If you smile and look happy, what will people say! Its okay, im not happy, i wont smile and i wont look happy. Youre just impossible. Make sure you sign it quickly. You dont want them to think youre not sure!

Thats who i want to marry! Oh, but you know, you cant. Its just not possible. You know we want whats best for you. And we know you wont be happy. But cant i choose for myself, im old enough to know better! Are you older than we are?! What do you know?! You have become so rude, so poisoned, how can you question us?! Because its my right to choose for myself! Its our right to choose whats best for you. And their family is not like ours. This just cannot happen! But i dont want to marry the family! We both want this, well make it work, its my life, i want to be able to choose for myself, this is about me! You must be out of your mind. What made you think you were old enough to choose for yourself?! Will you trouble us at this old age?! Do you not care about anyone but yourself?! What will people say! Its a marriage between two families! Its not about you at all! *I didnt know you were planning an orgy?!*

Its not one person or two, its a system, everyone’s a puppet. it kills free will, and itll kill yours too, if you allow it to. As the joker would put it, ‘Introduce a little anarchy.’ Spread the misery. Do whatever you can. Break the chain. Anyway you can.  

This post doesnt make sense anymore. I dont make sense anymore. I cant believe i just wrote that. All that truthful, spiteful venom coming from me?! I think i can sleep now.

Im so screwed this ramadan! 😀


15 responses to “Good boys and good girls

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  2. This made perfect sense!

    And you wrote it in a perfect way!


    Hahahahahah I love this! 😀

  3. I can’t believe Kid 1 likes this 😛

    Wese, dimagh theek hai na aaj kal? 😀 (lag nahi raha) 😉

  4. omg i just loved this post…its pretty much wat i should be writing! And it makes perfect sense, at least to me

  5. crap i can so relate to that too.
    btw, if u remember, im the dw, he`s the bihari.

  6. Kid 2, Kid 1 likes it very much. Hmph.

  7. @kid1 and kid2



    you can write this one once youre done with the fitnah series 😛


    do i know you?! I really cant remember! you have a blog?

  8. @sans

    i remember now, i never got your blog the first time. I think we spoke on like minerva’s comment box! yep.

  9. :)not a good memory you have.or mayb its the other way round.not everyone remembers anon commenters 😀

  10. i dont think ill ever be done with that series 😛 i still havent reached the climax of the first fitnah and i have been writing it for the past 6 months

  11. @sans

    haha i had to think about for a few hours, but i finally did remember 😛


    lol all great works take time to finish 😛

  12. “Its a marriage between two families! Its not about you at all! *I didnt know you were planning an orgy?!*”

    HAHAHAHAHA.. classic..

    no, seriously.. this post is EVERYTHING we go through, EVERYBLOODYDAY =/ Love it. I was reading it out aloud and acting.. it was SO much fun..

  13. lol glad to provide a source of entertainment!! 😛

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