Theres so much to be greatful for. Everything in life is understandable.

I dont feel or want to feel greatful. Dont want to understand.

I want to be angry, so angry that it makes my mind stop working, so angry that there’s no place left in my heart for anything else. I feel disconnected. I want to feel some kinda rush. Anything. Exhilaration. To show me im alive.

There’s still so much to be greatful for. And everything is still so understandable.


12 responses to “Ventilator

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  2. Pingback: Ventilator | Tea Break

  3. it seems u are done with pulling ur hair 😛

  4. What can you possibly do to make something [ur mind] stop working that already doesn’t work? 😛

  5. i can so totally sadly relate.


  6. What’s wrong with you? 😮

  7. @maryam

    yes, im trying to pull out my nails now 😛

    lol nothing much can be done about it!

    sucks to be able to relate to somethings no?

    childhood problem, now emerging! 😛

  8. is it really you who wrote this ? 😛

    ps: lovely header =)

  9. i think i have a split personality disorder 😛

    Thank you! ripped it off of stumble… 😀

  10. oh and its grateful. not greatful.

  11. lol my grammar’s not all that great! 😛

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