Typing in the dark…

Its a wretched world. And it stirs up the devil in me. They said the devil’s locked up. So this is just me.

Ive been trying to be good, to become like the people with real hidayah. Not working. The best i will ever be is average muslim.

Ive been trying to turn around. to look away. forget. not working.

I feel wretched and miserable and angry. Ive been trying to hold it in. Not working.

Nothing’s working. Muslim women and children are being murdered in Palestine. People are starving to death in Africa. The people of Swat have gone back to find their homes have turned to rubble. And all i can think of. is myself.

I want to pull my hair. I have none.

The world is a wretched place. Nothing works. Wake up. Dont hope. Stop. Shush. Youre still not getting it. Stop. Please. Stop. Just stop.


12 responses to “Typing in the dark…

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  2. Hey farooq do check out my new post please. do drop a comment. thanks…

  3. oh so now u hv that lil smiley in ur theme near the top right…sum1 else used to hv it before

  4. @ Anas
    its the same theme as mine

    @ farooq’s post
    dun worry bro, u still have enough hair…if u cant pull em off urself, i can be of some help perhaps 😛

  5. *deep breath* inhale – exhale.

    It’s a messed up world, not doubt.

    And its better to forget and move on unless things start looking good again.

  6. @usama

    will do




    all wordpress themes have this smiley in some corner or the other!


    lol id rather pull em off myself!


    lol im just venting out! 😀


    i know how to breathe! 😛

    i know, i need to move on, dont want to move an inch right now though, too lazy 😀

  7. “I want to pull my hair. I have none.”

    LOL. Pull the hair on your arms 😀
    hahahahaha.. sorry.. =/

    it a serious post..

    Venting is good. Keep doing it^^

  8. youre ewww! I like! 😀

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