Why does the smell of juicy fat beef patties make its way from the kitchen to my room, permeate into me, make my senses tingle, and my stomach grumble?! Why, oh why?! 😀


11 responses to “Kkkhunger!!

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  2. TAUBAH!
    Are you hungry, like, all the freaking time? =\

  3. bachon ko bhook to lagti hai na! 😛

    and whyd you delete your blog?

  4. I think I will be reading this kind of posts for the next 26 days 😛

  5. totally! however, you can refrain from reading if you like! 😛

  6. Wrong time to check the post.
    Wrong time.


  7. 2-4 lines parhnay main mera kya jaa raha hai 😉

  8. hahahaha….tumhain subah kis time sey roza lagna start ho jata hai? 😛

  9. sehri kay foran baad 😛

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