Shaitaan khateer!

Its almost ramadan, and im posting music! tch tch! cant help it though, stuck in my head again.


7 responses to “Shaitaan khateer!

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  2. Dude! I know.. aaj idhar roza tha, and I kept humming to myself after every half and hour and then going Astaghfirullah! 😛

  3. ha-ha!
    I’m uploading songs in my iPod, all the while, downloading audio translation of the Quran =\
    Allah maafi!

  4. tsk tsk *shakes head* i thought some of my influence would’ve rubbed off by now 😛

  5. @absar
    lol and the devil’s locked up, so its all on us now!!

    lol ipod amreeka aur dajjal ka agent hai! 😛


  6. The devil being locked up and us doing all the evil on our own.. with nothing( as in someone like the devil) to make us do it.. scares me. 😐

  7. lol you should be scared.. very!! 😛

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