I salute the practicing muslims in today’s world! Its far too easy to go astray with all the fitnas, the bias and the tempting stimuli around us, plus shaitaan puts maximum efforts into ruining the people who’re working to get on and stay on the right path.

We always look down upon practicing muslims and pinpoint the smallest of their flaws, but its only when you imagine yourself in their shoes that you realize how hard it must be for them to remain on the path, and how much of their own nafs and shaitaan’s influence theyre constantly battling.

May Allah (SWT) give us all hidaaya, the strength to follow it, and may He protect us when we are weak. May this month be the month we take real steps towards becoming better muslims.


17 responses to “Salut!

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  2. ameen ameen!
    may this month be a source of enlightment and goodness for us all!

  3. Ameen!

    You’ve been serious for once! Miracle! 😀

  4. 😀

    And welcome to the blog!

  5. @qa

    haina?! 😀

  6. Ameen to that..

  7. Ameen!

    Farooq ko pehli baar itna serious dekha hai =/ Yaqeen nahi aaraha! 😛

  8. tumari soch hai main kitna serious bacha hoon! 😀

  9. Behad serious! 😛

  10. ex-to-be-the-actly

  11. omg.

    wow. im just a little shocked with the seriousness of this post.

    BUT ameen and sum ameen 🙂

  12. its the affect of ramadan 😛

  13. hahaha how do you know?! 😛

  14. ninja super powers.

  15. can i be a ninja too? 😦

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