If i put my ear against the Earth, will it whisper me a secret?


23 responses to “.,.

  1. Hmm, try karo, let me know if something happens, okay? 😛

  2. Bilkul!
    Then, i’ll label you mad! =D

  3. @huda

    nai bataonga! 😛


    tumhay bhee nahi bataonga! 😀

  4. And as i am very sure you wouldnt listen to the two ladies who have commented above, there is no point that i tell u to do the same 😛

  5. What’s with this theme? Is it the new ‘in’ thing or whatever?

  6. i think i started this ‘in’ thing!! 😀

    wese nahi, its the fact that it allows you to put up a picture of your choice, which remains dominant, cause everything else is just plain white.

  7. Maybe… 🙂

  8. lol finally somebody who seconds me! aur yaar, have you got gtalk? i got no more msn here! :S

  9. ؎ جو میں سر بسجدہ ہوا کبھی تو زمیں سے آنے لگی صدا
    تیرا دل تو ہے صنم آشنا تجھے کیا ملے گا نماز میں


  10. To you, maybe no 😉

  11. @Huda and Farooq: Huda, phir tumhein bhi farooq se kaan laga ke khara hona paray ga! 😛

  12. @saadat

    for once i know thats an iqbal shair, and i actually know what it means!!! 😀


    what if i have a stethescope? 😦


    has anyone ever told you, sometimes you dont make any sense?! haha

  13. Hey, come now, it was a good one! 😛
    You put your ear to the ground to get it’s secrets, so how to get the secrets from you! 😛

  14. lol, absar can sometimes make some sense 😛

  15. lol sometimes he can!!

  16. Absar making sense? Thats new! 😛

    And yes I have gtalk, but im hibernating [kind off] for Ramadaan therefore im not using anything.

  17. haha haina?! surprising and freshly baked!

    what breed of bear are you?! (cause bears hibernate) 😛

  18. thats what i thought! 😛

  19. no you freak.

    stay away from the walls.

  20. 😦

    how do i know if i havent even tried?!

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