Poetic ending!

Lyari’s 2pac Rehman dakait was recently shot dead along with three of his gang members in an allegedly pre-planned police encounter. Unknown sources have confirmed the last interaction between the gangster and the tulla who along with his posse are responsible for the encounter. 


Rehman Dakait,

Dustee* qabar main lait

jana hai hamay khaanay

Murgh cholay kay plate!

In response to which Dakait is reported to have said:

No pain, no gain

I do not die in vain

Lyari cannot be restrained

Zardari shall not remain!

Alaatee mama alaat!

Zardari teri vaat

dhoondlay qabar ka plot!

P.S: if youre from Geo, boohoo to you, youre not the only one who can make shit up! 😀


fyi: tulla is the lingo for police wala


23 responses to “Poetic ending!


    Highly poetic post indeed, sir 😛

  2. of course, highly intellectual ppl tend to be highly poetic! 😛

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    Niicee one 😉

  5. thank you kid1, i try! 😛

  6. LOL! Very original man! You can open up your own news channel now! 😉

  7. maybe i will! and then ill blackmail everyone and get rich! woohoo 😉

  8. hahah awesome rhyming skills. 😛


  10. @purple

    thank you, i try! 😀

    and its loss, not less! nothing up with, just the new link to your new blog! 😛

  11. What do you guys have against my lovely new blog? 😦

  12. its not lovely! 😛

  13. Sure it is.. oh wait i get, everyones just jealous of how awesome it actually is. 😉

  14. It’s okay… you guys don’t have to admit it. I totally understand. 😀


    This is the first good laugh ive had in days.. thanks! =p

  16. @purple

    of course you do! 😛


    youre welcome, and thats what im here for! 😛

  17. hahaha! you beat geo!

  18. yes, it has always been my ultimate aim in life!! 😀

  19. hahaha…that was highly intellectual! 😛

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