Shooting stars and kryptonite…

Dark and mysterious looking, it flew into my vision in a strange curvature. Much like a knight warring on his own against an army, it tore through the air with ferociousness and grace. It flew in a strange curvature, gliding, allowing the natural thurst created by its previous effort to push it forward in blunt defiance. With a calculated move it slowed down, simultaneously changing its angle smoothly, cruel ambition radiating through its existence. In a fraction of a second, it split into two, one part smaller than the other, the larger angling away with newfound acceleration. For an instant i lost track of the smaller chunk, focusing on the larger object quickly finding its way to a place beyond  my line of vision.

And then it hit me. Almost. I felt. It seized my heart, like an invisible hand, appearing from nowhere. It split into shreds, much like a shotgun shell. My windshield took it bravely. Surviving. Protecting me. From the deadly, noxious, toxic substance we normally know as crow poop. Its liquified remnants slid down the windshield as i sighed in relief. Another day lived, another battle won.


53 responses to “Shooting stars and kryptonite…

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  2. LOL. Nice piece of writing 😛

  3. You know, these a******* are INTELLIGENT!! For going to college, I used to clean my car in the morning before I got ready. And every day, those damn birds would poop on the windscreen AFTER I’d cleaned it all up. WHAT THE!!!


  4. hahaha, farooq! And for once i thought farooq had blessed us with one of his from the heart serious posts.

    I dont suffer through such problems here, Thank God.

  5. abay font size increase kar!

  6. awesome post though 😀 reminds me of a time when a group of crows decided to *wash* my friends new car

  7. @nsky

    thank you. i try!


    hahaha but you never learned did you?! 😛


    haha i remember in sharjah there was this spot where ppl fed pigeons, so the baladia folk put in poisoned bird seed once, and like hundreds of pigeons lay dead there by the afternoon! there’s a price to pay for everything!


    ctrl + scroll up karo, font size khud hee bara hojayega! 😛

    and thank you! yes, they have a knack for spotting the right cars!

  8. Actually I second Anas, this hurts my eyes. And its so… angst. :S

  9. uugggghhhh i like this theme!! but what the hell, ill change it!! :S

  10. Hahaha what you’d do with words.
    I had NO idea it would lead to that. Sheesh. Hahaha fitt! =D

  11. And Absar’s situation reminded me of Rahul Bose’s situation from Jhankar Beats hahaha. And I have no idea why I go completely bollywood when I am talking to him, or read anything he says. Baechara! ;P

  12. Oh and and I love the new look. =D
    TOTALII !!

  13. haha thank you!

    and absar is, well, absar! haha

    yeah, i like this template too! 😀

  14. I don’t like this one either! 😛

  15. Thats just cause you’re racist!! 😀

  16. i should have guessed…khoda pahar nikla chooha! 😛
    nice post and dude, change the theme

  17. Haha, its not just me!! See, even Leenas saying it.

  18. @leena

    lol thats the whole point of it! 😛


    she likes it, she’s just saying that to support you! 😛

    khair, changed it. Although i totally loved the other one :S

  19. The new theme sucks big time man!! Go back to the one before this! 😛

    And what are you and Hafsa cooking up? Of course I’m one of a kind! 😛

    Hafsa… Jhankar Beats??? Rahul Bose? WTH, kya hai yeh sab? 😛

  20. haha nice

  21. @absar

    haha try saying that to kw and purple!

    we’re cooking biryani! khaogay?


    thank you, i try 😀

  22. Lol 🙂
    Hilarious post!

  23. Lol! Thank you, I don’t want to die of a ninja-star wound in my spine! 😛

  24. @usama

    thank you!


    its an honorable death!

  25. Honorable life > honorable death. Hands down, no contest 😛

  26. Ha ha, very funny guys, very funny… not.

    And I absolutely love the new theme, I’m tempted to cheat. 😉

  27. @absar

    dude, its better to burn out than to fade away! 😛


    he started it 😀

    and i dont really like the new theme 😛

  28. dude i am an old woman…it hurts my eyes wen the font’s too small and the background’s black! 😛

  29. so did u changes the theme or not…or is my computer is processing ur blog’s theme for me so that i don’t have any hard time.

  30. Yeah, right farooq. Go tell mommy on me! 😛

    Sorry PD, for dragging you in as mommy in this game! 😛

  31. @Mak

    i think what you see is the current theme, cause i dont think youve seen the old one! 😀


    haha i can take care you myself! 😛

    and you’re SO dead! 😀

  32. I know man – though you seem very upbeat about that! 😛

  33. OMG, did you just call me Mommy? 😯

    I’m just confirming it… making sure my eyes saw clearly.

  34. yep!! thats what he said!!! 😀

  35. This means war!


    Btw Absar, I have it from some source you’re called a certain name starting with S and ending with O. 😉

    You don’t want me spamming your blog with it right? 👿

  36. hahaha! mujhay bhee batao!!! :O

  37. I’ll wait for Absir to reply 😉

  38. Oh woops, typo… I meant Absar.


  39. haha youre evil! 😛

  40. Lol!
    That’s your big weapon, mommy? 😛 Half my relatives don’t even know my real name, they call me by my nickname 😛

    At least Shanoo doesn’t have as many problem with phonetics as Absar does 😛

  41. hahahah

    haawwww!!! you called her mommy again!! 😀

  42. Farooq is like those middle people cheerleaders who keeps on inciting each party.


    And, if I’m ‘mommy’ then you’re Grandpa!

    [And Shanoo is like uh so typical, bollywoodish… :P]

  43. I just saw your blogroll. KID 1 and Kid 2, 😮 seriously what the hell? 😡


  44. Lol! Well yeah, but at least we’re having fun because of that 😛

    I love watching women wriggle with uneasiness when you call them aunty or baaji.. or worst of all…. mommy! 😛

    And honey, I’ve been called a buddhhi rooh all my life.. do you really think Grandpa is gonna piss me off? 😛

  45. buddhi rooh?!! hahhaha

    thats crazy! actually usually i dont mind when someone calls me aunty or baaji… but, mommy?!

    well if it was a 3 year old kid, it’d still be okay.

  46. -__________-


    End of story.

  47. I wish I could be the 3rd KID 😉 Anyways I wrote a new post please do check it out. thnx

  48. @PD: Well I’m just 23 +2. 😛

  49. Iedited the post a BIG DEAL. check it again please…

  50. lol @ pd and absar!!


    would you rather be kid1??? 😛


    I know. Thank you! 😀


    will do for sure!

  51. Kid 1 or 2, doesn’t matter. STILL A KID!


  52. so i guess ill just leave it the way it is! 😀

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