Life is tough. I try to be humble, keep my head down and hold away my stare, but white capris are still very much in fashion. Only theyve grown shorter, we are in a recession after all.

Karachi has, over the past month or so, subjected its residents to the strangest of weathers. Remember that boy in class who always held his snort 2 centimetres from his nostril, it was green and slimy and it never moved? And it was threatening, always looking like it was about to fall off, although it never did. Well, karachi’s skyline’s been playing the same trick on us for quite a while now. It always looks like its about to rain so much that we’ll all be washed away, but it just doesnt happen, for which we are all grateful, no doubt.  

Papers are over, results are out, and im surprisingly not so screwed. I somehow miraculously managed to pass the dreaded statistics course. I have a year to go before i graduate, and things are looking quite well for me.

I have, however, been screwed when it comes to watching serials. We all now how addictive those are, once you start watching, there’s really no going back. Take a bunch of lame sleazy rich kids, make them studious, shallow, overcompetitive, self-centred, add in a couple of equally intelligent overcompetitive but not so shallow, regular kids, make all their parents shady, put their everyday happenings on a blog, and youve got ‘Gossip girl’. I was talked into it, and now it haunts my life, i hate it, but im hooked. Offer me condolences.

And if you happen to be that guy who likes to produced a constipated scream everytime he lifts a pair of weights at the gym, please, shove it! You already are an example of God’s mercy, had he not been so merciful, he wouldve struck you with lightning personally the moment you stepped out of the gym. 😀


13 responses to “Phew

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    Goood for youu! 😀

  3. You’re one of the *most* wicked cool people I have had the pleasure of bumping into hahahahahaha.
    That was a thoroughly yummy account of nothing and everything. ;D

    *shoves condolences your way with a spade that accidently hits your face and breaks your neck and I look on either sides to see if we had a witness — nobody — and I glue it back together and you’re all fixed and new and ready to go back to your serials*

  4. @qurrat

    good for you to you too 😛


    im so flaterred i feel like a steam ironed shirt! thank you! 😛

    *picks up condolences and puts them in the ‘trunk of comfort and pity’*

  5. hahahaha…yea recession seems to be having its impact for a long time now and dude, dun tell me u are actually addicted to gossip girl by now!

  6. i am!! ive watched all of season one, and most of season 2! :S

  7. Capris. Tricky business – some legs are extremely un-hot :s


  8. Lowered stare and talk of capris reminds me of a story.

    This Hijabi girl I know once had a crush on this guy, who was mashallah practicing, beared and all that but considering he always lowered his gaze he didn’t notice her.

    Her Mom suggested she wear read slippers and pass-by. 😉

    [They’re married now with kids, haha]

  9. @absar

    you have to look at them to determine whether theyre hot or not! 😛


    haha no wonder you fear wearing red nail-polish! 😛

  10. LOL, i shouldve known you’d connect that to this. Nah, i don’t fear wearing it, its just the consequences i dont like. I meant when I know its going to attract unneeded attention, theres no point. Sigh.

    Sometimes its best to be safe than sorry and go against your nafs 😦

    [Oh for the record, he didnt marry her just cuz of the red slippers, but he did notice her. 😉 He was introduced through a friend, but i still find the story utterly cute.]

  11. fear the consequence or the action, the end result is the same. 😛

    but well, youre right!

    haha her mom was evil! or she had no idea the daughter would actually do it! 😛

  12. all that wit… wasted on a statistician… shame, a real shame.

    what are you studying, and why?

  13. im studying business, because i was born in a family where every child was destined to be a doctor or engineer, neither of which i wanted to be, i wouldve rather been an artist of sorts, but the art schools kept denying me admissions, and eventually i ended up joining a business school instead!

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