I am

Somedays its important to remind yourself who you are. Heres to me!

I am an Idealist – i believe that the everyday norms of our society needed to be changed a half a century ago, and i wish to bring my share of change, no matter how small or irrelevant to the bigger picture it may be, or how overdue it is. I draw hope, from people i know who’ve chosen differently, and i use it to fuel my beliefs.

I believe-

                  In my creator – i might not be the most practicing of muslims, and i might not have a track record that proves my faith, but my faith in the Almighty is an integral part of who i am. I cannot look away, from His blessings upon me, from the guidance He gives me everyday, from the lessons He teaches, from the reassurances of the fact that He looks after me, and for the doors that he opens for me to keep me going, reassuring me that eventually, everything will be alright.

                    In the people that matter to me: no matter what anyone says to me, or how it makes me look, or feel, no matter how unrealistic it requires me to be, i believe in them. I try to fulfil my responsibility, in whatever role i am in, and i stand my ground when they are weak, and hope that when i am weak, they will stand theirs. I have always been the first person who’ll get there when help is needed and the last one to leave. I believe, that if you want the best of people, you have to draw it out, or wait for it to come out.

I am a romantic – it is a matter of fact, i cannot help it, it is in my blood. 

I can be – aggressive or patient, accepting or persistent, bitter or unaffected, held down or undettered, but at the end of the day, i can me nothing more than a plain old human being. 😀

Ahem, i have two papers almost back to back today and tomorrow, and as usual, im unprepared, best of luck to me!!


29 responses to “I am

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  2. and your weaknesses are?

  3. Ah! Good luck man!!

  4. that was such a sweet post 🙂

    and good luck with your exams

  5. that was a sweet post 🙂

    and good luck with your exams!

  6. Ohh!
    Best of luck! 🙂

  7. yar kuch potty shotty per likhoo, this sentimental stuff is boring

  8. why am i always the last one to msg:( well good luck dude! and..i realized..i too am a romantic..damn those harlquin novels..

  9. @kk

    this is a pro-me post! no weaknesses here 😛



    thank you, and thank you 😛

    @full moon

    yaar mood nahi hai 😛

    who the hell is harlquin? 😛

  10. so how did it go hmm?

  11. lol im screwed!! :S

  12. hahahahah Farooqqqqq harlquin is a seriess umm…crap..harlquin novels mann the worst kind of romance novels ever!!!

  13. You wrote more than 2 sentences yaar!!! Good job!

  14. I don’t think I’ve quite as yet come across a guy who talks like that. Simply said and thoroughly meant. Louvee. (:

  15. @ella

    i see!! 😛


    yes, im taking my pills regularly now 😀


    what can i say, God makes each one of us unique! and thank you! 😛

  16. LOL @ hira’s comment.. atta boy, farooq!

    good luck with the exam, dude!

  17. exams over – and im screwed! 😀

    and thanks! 😛

  18. Exams over, you’re screwed, but still no new post? I mean, screw honay ke baad to likhnay ko kaafi kuch hoga tere pass? 😛

  19. surprisingly, i’m not as screwed as i thought id be! 😀

  20. what can i say, God makes each one of us unique! and thank you!

    But we can CHOOSE to have a decent vocab, right…

  21. lol whats wrong with my vocab? 😛

  22. The keyword wasn’t vocab. It was decent.
    *frowns again*

  23. ohhhh *ahem* its a really bad habit, i know.

  24. Knowing something and acting on it are two reaaalllyy diffeereeentt things…

    One of the dilemmas of life. 🙂

  25. lol agreed!

    you havent heard me speak in urdu for real, i have a huge cursing habit. its just … so much fun. 😦

  26. Urdu main bhe? :S:S:S

    This is weird. You didn’t seem the “type” from my blog’s comments.. :S

    But khair.. in the online world.. who knows what are the “real” characteristics and what are “virtual” 🙂

  27. hahaha

    well im not the ‘type’ really.

    just that when im with boys i like to curse around a little 😛

  28. Well this blog isn’t just restricted to an audience comprising boys … :S

    In case you hadn’t noticed 🙂

  29. lol i know! which is why im careful. 😛

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