There’s not much to say

because its the little things that say it all


17 responses to “There’s not much to say

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  2. enough saidd. =)

  3. @minerva




  4. Manutdfanatic

    Indeed. 🙂

  5. 🙂 Wow man, so true.

    Tu ne ye sab likhna kab se shuru kar dia 😉

  6. mainay nahi likha, somebody hacked into my blog and wrote it! 😛

  7. No, for skeptics they dont…we prefer over-the-top miracles to “little things” 😉

  8. @yesterday



    sometimes, yes!! 😛

  9. That was so lame man! 😛

  10. lame is my middle name! 😛

  11. hmmmm 2 you too! and why the hell do i not have the password to your blog??!! :S

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