Statistical indifference

Kakal: aik baat bataooonnnn??

everyone: batao batao!

kakal: jab gadha jail jaata hai to woh zebra ban jaata hai.

everyone: acchhhhaaaaaa

It does that to you, 4 hours of studying math, statistical inference, to be precise. It sucked 14 years ago, when id pretend to throw up in math class to be able to skip it, and it sucks today just as much, when i dont have to pretend to throw up to skip class. There’s no dodging the dreaded finals though, there never was. And theyre coming, soon…

And oh, its good to be alive! 😀


10 responses to “Statistical indifference

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  2. Manutdfanatic

    I did not get that. ;/

  3. lol, kakal (that’s a name) pointed out to us kids that when a donkey goes to jail he turns into a zebra… In pakistan the ‘dress code’ for prison is black and white stripes, like that of a zebra!

  4. HAHA.
    Zinda tou abhee ho, finals k baad tou Inna lillahi Wa inna Ilayhi Raji’oon hoga. HAHAH. Jk jk.

    Good luck even though you don’t deserve it. Booohahahahah.


  5. i ALWAYS hated math. Numbers hate me, but i hate them more >_<

  6. @qa

    ameen!! 😛


    numbers suck ass 😀

  7. ab maths itni bhi buri nai hai

  8. haha is say bhee zyada buree hai!!

  9. math is EVIL >_<

  10. you can say that again!!

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