From someone somewhere…

What does ‘freedom’ mean?

Does the eagle want to swim in the sea,

Restricted by the sky?

Does the fish want to dance on the wind,

Not enough river to explore?

Yet the sky is freedom for the bird but death for the fish,

The sea is wide for the fish but will engulf the bird.

We ask for freedom but freedom to do what?

We can only express our nature as it was created.

The prayer mat of the earth is freedom,

freedom from slavery to other than the One,

Who offers an shoreless ocean of love to swim in

and a horizon that extends to the next life,

Yet we chose the prison and call it freedom.


15 responses to “From someone somewhere…

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  2. Oh man! That hits the head of the nail!
    It’s not just about freedom, in fact. You can extrapolate this over any cultural or social variable quite accurately. Civilization, morals, acceptability… it is all variable for different people, in different parts of the world!

    Awesome piece man!

  3. lol whats with the complicated english?! 😛

  4. Lol! Yar subject hi aisa tha 😛

  5. Manutdfanatic

    Farooq, Absar is just trying to put his point across. And it’s a good one at that.

    Wannabe-tyrant, encourage a healthy open discussion. Stop pestering your readers!

  6. @manut

    okay, watch this!


    there’s no disagreeing with you there, its funny how a few words can sum up the flaws of the human condition. And its sad how mankind is held down by his own short sightedness…


    hows that? 😛

  7. Manutdfanatic

    You’re getting there.

    Slowly. Snail’s pace.

  8. its the best i can do!! 😛

  9. you coulda been a little more supportive! 😛

  10. Manutdfanatic

    You children are obsessed with one emot. 🙂

  11. youre right, we are!! 😛

  12. nice… did you not write it then?

  13. nope, somebody showed it to me, no clue who actually wrote it…

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