One last word

(The situation in the following passage is true, however my knowledge is limited, so the possibility of errors exist)

His body was weak. So weak, he could barely breathe. His limbs had already failed him. However, at the young age of 12(assumed age), his soul was not ready to die. He fought the urge to let go, and in the dark he dragged himself towards the two feet in front. He looked up, his eyes scorching as the first hint of light tore through his pupils. He had been locked in a dark room for what seemed like an eternity, along with the rest of his friends, so that when everyone else had been massacered, these innocent lives could be spared.

He looked into the military officer’s(assumed position) eyes. His throat was dry, the acids in his stomach eating him up from inside. But for an instant, hope returned to his young heart, and his body spared him a last few drops of energy, which he used desperately to utter the word, ‘Pani’…

His question was answered with a gun’s butt to his face. (Im not sure whether this killed him, however, out of the hundreds of children in the madrassah, only one survived, and this child was not him)

In our great nation, almost 2000 madrassah students(as witnesses stated), most of them young girls and children, many of them Hafizeen-e-Quran, were massacared(may Allah SWT accept their sacrifice) because of a complaint lodged by a brothel runner whose clients were none other than our own favorite ministers.  The ‘terrorists/fundamentalists’ had a total of 17 AK47’s with which they ‘launced an attack on the sovereignty of our nation’.

I beg to state, the actions taken by the residents of Laal Masjid and Jamia-e-Hafsa were not the beginning of a jihadi struggle, had that been the case, Islamabad’s situation today wouldve been no different than that of Malakand or Kandahar.


13 responses to “One last word

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  3. *sighh* in any armed conflict, the most regrettable casualties are the innocent but unfortunate bystanders….the people who loose the most and end up turning into statistics, only to be used by the opposition for their own nefarious designs..

  4. Manutdfanatic

    Did you write this?

  5. waahid itnain talataa, yes i did

  6. that was soo good!
    thats the sad side of reality which we all want to run away from….very well written

  7. Another reason to hate politicians. Would we ever be able to expect any honesty from them?



  9. Beautifully written… Ameen to the dua. That was so much unecessary blood loss it was heartbreaking.

  10. it was all unnecessary

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