Career ladder…

sometimes i wish i was a pt teacher! they get to make kids do insanely funny  movements at 8 in the morning, and get paid for it. They get to flirt with hot teachers while theyre at it, and most of the day theyre doing nothing! Folks who do job ratings, do take note!


21 responses to “Career ladder…

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  2. Where have you been all this time? Studying? 😛

  3. Manutdfanatic

    …and they get paid crap, above it all.

    You’re going looney.

  4. @tazeen

    when i was a kid the doctor told me not to study too much, i used to fall sick everytime exams came! for once, i took his advice! 😀

    theyre not very educated, what do you expect! 😛

    ive always been looney! 😀

  5. Cool! You ‘re back! Now We ll see some potty around here once again! I just hope you did nt turn into Ozzy Ozborne during your ‘sabbatical’?

  6. oh it was actually so good to see a new post!!!!

  7. Hahaa, somebody is in a crisis here. (Yes?)

    And Welcome Back!


  8. you have been chosen for the lemonade award ….at least something to make you write something new 😛

  9. I agree this job sounds interesting! after all my med stuff 😛

  10. haha..we used to call our PT teacher “mango” coz of his protruding belly:P

  11. PT teachers get to flirt with hot teachers? Where? When? How?

  12. LOL
    that’s a new way of looking at things 😛

  13. Interesting.

    Too bad IU doesn’t have a PT teacher.

    Though they should. For teachers.

  14. When I was kid, I used to pity PT teachers. All they get to do is to stand under the hot sun, sweat and make little kids do odd movements that require bending of arms and knees in unnatural positions…PT Teachers are scary!

  15. Manutdfanatic

    I demand a new post. Think potty. I assume that’d help you, yes?

  16. GO POTTY GO GO GO!!!!

    Green Potty
    Yellow Potty
    Black Potty
    Brown Potty


  17. Manutdfanatic


    Farooq, you have strangely disturbing friends.

  18. tell me about it! 😛

  19. That’s one way to look at it :S

    But everyone makes fun of the PT teacher. That’s an occupational hazard, I guess.

  20. maybe it was my bias as a student but i never once saw a “hot” teacher.

  21. lol maybe you didnt go to the right school! 😛

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