Grumble grumble

There are some things you just know, you dont need to learn them, theyre just who you are.

I was raised among arab kids, africans, people who very different looking than we pakis are. As a child i had very few paki friends, most my friends were africans. They wouldnt bother me, cause i was as rough as they were, but theyd bother my kind. Theyd pass comments at paki kids who wore glasses and were geeky and theyd push them around. I didnt like it. So i pushed their kind, just like they pushed mine. And i did it in front of them, and then looked them in the eye. So then we would fight, my friends and i, until one of us hurt the other more than we’d like to, and they would never do what they did again.

We were young, nobody taught us about justice, or courage, or love, or fair play, or even personal faith. We just knew it, our hearts and instincts defined us. Some of us, in our own capacity, know it to this day, others have changed because it is in their own best interest. Is it?! Is living for yourself really the best thing to do?


13 responses to “Grumble grumble

  1. dude you are getting too serious on this blog

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  3. yea, u actually are becoming too serious.
    And no, i dont think living solely for ourselves is the best thing to do but obviously, we need to be a lil selfish at times.

  4. I actually like this side of you. Well, that’s not entirely true – I just like you a little better knowing that you do have another side to you 😛

    Yes, it is. There was a blog post by a fellow blogger I read a while ago (the blog has been removed, and I can’t find the new location) – it was titled “Live Like Lichens”. And it ended with a beautiful sentiment – live for yourself to live for others.

  5. @saad

    im getting old 😛


    i know!
    and youre right..

    there’s no need to start gay talking here homie! 😛
    your blogger fella sounds like he was contradicting himself!

  6. Why am I not surprised 😛

    Found it!

  7. @absar
    because you dont like surprises maybe?? 😛

  8. yeh kisne likha hai??

  9. wow farooq- you know what that post reminded me of? goodfellas.

    If it feels right, and there’s no nagging sense of guilt, then it’s justice. Even if it’s been bloody. And one should live for oneself. Living for others is asking for pain and heartbreak.

    I wish you’d write more posts like this. I’d like to know there’s more to you than farts, poop, and a crazy love story.

  10. @hira
    goodfellas was badass.

    and pain and hearbreak are good, they make you tough!

    lol there’s not much more to me, im a simple guy! 😀

  11. not erupting into violence does not mean you’re living for yourself.

  12. it doesnt i agree, but one should do whatever is in one’s capacity, even if its as little as knowing the difference within one’s heart..

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