Will you wait for me

through the hours of the day

Will you dream of me

 through the shadows of the night

Will you hold me close

when im lost and in the dark

Will you question me

Will you try to set me right

Will you show me how to live

will you be my life

Will the sun rise again

Will the night come to an end

Will you smile at me again

Will you share yourself with me


22 responses to “?

  1. was this supposed to password protected?
    aur sab set hai? ya nai?

  2. @safi

    oh no!! nahiii!!! 😛


    no it wasnt…
    sab set hai, i suppose 😀

  3. ummmm


    umm errrrr


  4. haha thats too grand a word! 😛

  5. It does look like shairee though! Poetic prose, maybe?! 😀

  6. atay hee complicated english shoroo!!! some ppl never learn! 😉

  7. umm…its farooq’s blog, right???…i m most pleasantly surprised!!!

    by the way, have u heard from saad ? I just realized he is MIA

  8. This reminds me of a song… I mean some parts of it. Oye! Kahien chori to nahi maari hai? 😛

    Good yar! Really! Would make a really cool McLachlan song!

  9. BTW, your related posts include “Sleep Deprivation – Bad for Your Weight, Arteries Too” 😛

  10. @pinky

    youre right, saad short hai! wonder why


    this, my friend, is an original! 😛

    a lot of related posts arent really related! 😉

  11. Ooh I like this.


  12. just as a thing dude, you’re asking for too much from one person.

  13. haha who says im asking for it from ‘one’ person?!!!!! 😛 😀

  14. khairiat?? *roll eyes*

  15. Shehzadi Sahiba

    You;re a woman in a man’s body 😛

  16. @shehzadi

    do you have to say the same thing twice?! 😛

  17. Shehzadi Sahiba

    Ill say it everytime you turn on the woman in you:P

  18. Fuck!!!!!! For a moment there I thought this was a guy blog.

  19. no you know better buddy! 😛

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