Arz kia hai:

yahan yahan,

wahan wahan

yahan wahan

wahan yahan

wahan yahan wahan

yahan wahan yahan

dhuwaan dhuwaan hai gupt!  😀

Karachi, my beloved, is what one can truly call a metro-potty-lan city . Now im no stud, i know that, and neither am i a mummy daddy type bacha, so there’s absolutely no logical reason as to why this happens, but the eunuch beggars on the street find it essential to attempt to harrass me every chance they get! I mean come on, since when did the harrasser become the harrassee?!

What wrong with naming a gym ‘Deep Cuts’?! i think its a totally wicked name, as long as you say it like its something really shady! dont you think?!  😀 :S


20 responses to “markaz-e-khel-o-shararat..

  1. LOL.. farooq you’re a nutter.

  2. jo kehta hai wohi hota hai! 😛

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  4. the shair cracked me up.

    Abhee tak.


  5. Yeh ghazal kia apnay khud takhleek ke hai 😛

  6. @nikki

    thori si inspired hai! 😛

  7. @qa

    good for you! 😛

  8. wah wah wah….kya shairi hai 😛
    maqarrar irshad

  9. First, eunuchs in the lovely METROPOLITAN (I will not have you disgrace the overly populated populated-with-every-Tom-Dick-and-Harry-from-every-ghetto-nearby struggling city) harrass everybody. They freak me out! ;/

    Second, Deep Cuts? I remember a gym by the name of Bodymasters someplace in Riyadh.. Heh, I suppose there are strange people everywhere! 😛

  10. yea they harass everybody 🙄 its better to keep the window closed or just slightly opened

  11. @leena

    lol im glad you like it! 😛


    Dang, you think its a crappy name too!! :S


    i was smoking! 😛

  12. it’s hilarious how guys react to hijras. My brother starts running when he sees them. They tend to call him ‘hero’ and want their pictures taken with him.
    Sucks when your brother is the best looking kid in the family. :S

  13. i always crack up at the things they say, which is not really a good idea cause it makes them stick to you! :S

  14. Is it me? Cuz the beggars around me (when I used to be in Karachi) would never bother me or go instantly! Maybe they could feel that they would nt get a dime out of me and would decide to cut their losses! As for the Hijrhas! They dont bother me either, maybe cuz I m always scowling. But I have a cousin and he is like a beggar magnet! (and a chick magnet, I think there just is nt any difference.) And they would nt let him be unless he gives them something.

  15. hahaha
    youre such a sexist, dude!! and maybe they dont bother you cause they think youre a memon! 😉

  16. Whatever they may think, they do leave me alone! So I get what I want, I dont get into the whys!

  17. maybe you should! 😛

  18. mukarrar irshad keejiye qibla …

  19. aisa bhee kehtay hain?! 😛

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