Dear Blog…

I have been paying my lovely little blog very little attention as of late! It is time for me to post a post here because posts are meant to posted and a blog is the right place to post a post, which is why they call it a blogpost. A blog is made for one to post posts on, and if we do not post posts on a blog, it may feel unloved, and we would not that, because there is too little love in the world today…

So this post is dedictated to my blog, with love of course! 😉


16 responses to “Dear Blog…

  1. I like the possibly related posts.

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  3. Now that is sort of a cheating for posting posts on ur blog 😛

  4. its okay to cheat on my blog, i make the rules here! 😉

  5. Quick, pull my finger!
    (That’s your rule, right? :P)

  6. haha id rather surprise you outta nowhere! 😛

  7. i sometimes wonder why you even have a blog…

  8. @hira

    you should stop wondering so much! 😛

  9. Pagal ho gaye ho.



  10. Loving your blog is healthy.

  11. very healthy, my skin is pink 😛

  12. lol..i agree to ur comment “haha id rather surprise you outta nowhere!”

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