Tom Sawyer

‘I choose clear men’

Nah dude that wasnt me, id much rather choose hot chicks with big assets! that was freaking atif aslam, so if youre gay, atif is the way! 😉

Kids can provide for supreme entertainment somedays, for instance when a lil kid decides to pull on his mother’s hair and hold on to it as if his life depends on it, leaving his father tugging away at him and the tortured, helpless mother in tears! The embarrasment post such an incident is even more fun, especially when it happens to have occured in a jam-packed restaurant with almost 200 people watching closely and discussing every possible reason  that couldve led the child into giving us such a brilliant performance 😀

Ive realized that people do the things they do because they have to do them, obviously if they wouldnt do them then they just wouldnt be themselves, and you can really not be anything more than yourself can you? i mean you can try to be someone else, but then that attempt to be someone else is really just you, is it not?! if it is not then what is it! and if it is then it proves the fact that youve really read this stupid para so far cause you really just had, cause if you wouldnt you would just not be yourself now would you?! and what can you be other than yourself really?! Ahhh… this could go on forever, but its time to sleep 😉


31 responses to “Tom Sawyer

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  2. Manutdfanatic

    Lol, which restaurant was that?

    I liked the last paragraph! ;p

  3. Dude!!! You too? Comon!!!!

    What? Protected posts are the in thing now?!!!! Bloody fever is spreading like wild fire!

    I can somehow understand chicks doing that, But You!!!!! Man what do you gotta hide? Or have you turned into a half chick like absar!!!

  4. @manut

    it was lasania, not that i would expect you to know where that is 😛

  5. @safi

    hahaha its cool to act mysterious, most of those posts are empty anyways 😉

  6. Abay Chal!!!!
    You have converted!!!!

  7. bleh! what would you know about mindgames?! 😛

  8. Yeah right… And You do!

    Aar Ghalat baat… duftar main baith ke bloggong kar rahe ho! Rokra halal karo!

  9. Ive realized that people do the things they do because they have to do them, obviously if they wouldnt do them then they just wouldnt be themselves, and you can really not be anything more than yourself can you?

    LOL.. How come this statement reminds me of the one Rumsfield made which won him the “Foot in Mouth” award ? :D:D:D…

    He said “There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns,”

    PS: How come you have protected posts? It’s plain weird for guys to be doing this…:S

  10. Exactly my point! Unless you ‘ve been bitten (or worse) by none other than Absar!

  11. oh stop making fun of him.

    Dude, why the hell was this post password protected anyway?

  12. @uni
    im glad im not getting any awards for it!!
    and its a new trend, guys writing protected posts! but trust me, its for a good reason! 😛

    dude, youre starting to sound jealous, i know you love absar! Hes all yours, im really not interested! 😉

    this post was never protected, the one before this is! 😀

  13. Hahaha No man, like I said I m looking for fresh MEAT!

  14. Paaassswwooorrdd chahyey

  15. @safi
    best of luck!! 😛

    to main kya karoon? 😛

  16. you love :P? (:P wala smily)

  17. lol i totally do!

  18. ummmm….wat exactly was the last para supposed to mean 😛

    khair, i totally agree with you on atif aslam’s new ad….its soo lame! as in didnt they read the tagline before putting it up all over the place

  19. lol it wasnt supposed to mean anything!! 😀

    atif aslam’s real low on integrity, it totally sidelines his god-given talent

  20. i dont call wailing tonelessly a God given ‘talent’.
    A God given azaab is a better way to describe it.

  21. nah, hes gotten a whole lot better over time. Yeah, he still doesnt have the sort of control a pro should have, but hell get there!

  22. Tom Sawyer !!!!!

  23. LOl I was at Lasania last time I was in Pak – remember the khao beta khao post? Where the Uncle kept on insisting I eat – thats where it took place. Nice place on the whole though. Nice atmosphere too.

  24. @tazeen

    i was listening to the song by rush while writing this post! 😀


    yeah, i like the place too, the food’s pretty good

  25. Everyone is doing password protected posts!! Okay, I’m part guilty myself, but hey, I am a Pakistani and I’ll do what every good Pakistani does – ignore my vices and criticize others! 😛

    And I see that Saffi manages to bring me up everywhere. You’re right farooq, I’m beginning to have doubts about him now… it’s quite frightening!!!

  26. haha i think he really misses you! 😉

  27. this post contained no P-word 😀

  28. @absar

    just so you’d stop complaining! 😛

  29. Lol. I also that billboard on submarine chowk and guffawed. lol. Crazy!

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