At first i thought it was the stress getting to me! It struck me just a second ago that its the two glasses of coke i consumed a while ago thats not letting me sleep!  😀

Karachiii, potty aa rahi hai?! 😛


34 responses to “Bubbleboy…

  1. and here I am… trying not to knock out.

    I love sleeping. Sigh. But i have this bad habit of doing my work till 2 am :(((

  2. lol thats cause you sleep till 2pm! 😛

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  4. u had to write the last line!

  5. Lool lucky u

    coffe , coke nothing works with me

  6. lol ive not been taking pepsi or coke for a while now, hence the extravagant effect, youve probably become tolerant to it !

  7. I do not sleep til 2 pm!! I’m up since 6 AM nearly everyday [the nap after fajr doesnt count].


  8. abey chal…i think tumhe potty arahi hai..karlo and araam se sojao 😛

  9. @purple

    youre incredibly farigh, so you do nothing all day, so you dont get tired, so you cant sleep! 😀


    lol looks like potty fever is spreading! 😉

  10. Abay Lalloo! Tumhain sirf Coke pi ke potty aa gaee!!! Paith kharab hai kia?!!!

  11. lol beta pooray din khana bhee khaya thaa!! 😀

  12. Abay khane ki yaad na dillao!!! Mujhe Hussainabad yaad aa raha hain waise hi!!! And Arizona Grill, ANd Gun Smoke, ANd Hell Nandoes even!!! *groan* that was my tummy!

    Man I HATE food here!!!! SEND SOME OVER!!!!!!!!!

  13. lol!!! were gonna love watching you starve! 😛

  14. how am i incredibly farigh??? for the record, i have a class everyday on weekdays from 8:30 to 1. Ahem!

  15. lol and what is the class about?! 😛

  16. How to groom cats!!! You should know that!

  17. oh pleaseeee, i hope we do start the cat stuff here too!

    Farooq: doesn’t matter, does it? Lets just say its as tough and as much as any other subject!

  18. lmao grooming cats! 😉


    haha it does matter!! 😛

  19. Taubah hai.

  20. no it doesnt. [cuz’ i said so!]

  21. lol now youre stealing my lines! loser! 😛

  22. They don’t have your name on it!

  23. yes they do!! ive copyrighted them!! ab paanch rupay do! 😛

  24. Hey i heard this sardar joke the other day! i thought you will like it tumhari class ka hai 😉

    ek sardar road par potty kar raha hota hai
    police aakar usse utha jaati hai
    sardar kehta hai saboot to utha lo

  25. i dont know why guys find silly jokes funny

  26. or more like disgusting ones…..

  27. lol rehnay do, i bet you cracked up too! 😛

  28. someone’s in bad mood

  29. lol shes just saying!

  30. i am just saying too 😛

  31. phir sahee hai 😛

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