Mere yaar suno sunlo!

They did teach you in school that there are 206 bones in the human body. But there was something else they didnt teach you! (Ganday bachon, i know what youre thinking!!! yes yes, you know who you are!!) 😉

Im sitting here with my well-deserved glass of pepsi (oh well the first glass was definitely well-deserved) attempting to write a written post so i may post it as a written post that may be read by a random, reluctant reader or two as a written post must be read in recognition of the writer who has readily or reluctantly written a post that qualifies as a written post by one who would readily qualify as a reader due to his/her ability/willingness to read! And if you, my dear reader, have readily or reluctantly read my post so far, you readily qualify as a reader, either ready or reluctant is yet to be ascertained. However, one thing remains certain, whether you read it readily or reluctantly, you must , i repeat you MUST, be freakin’ curious! 😀

So Without further ado, i bring to you:

The ‘Something else’  they did noooottttt teaaacchhhh youuuuuuu-ooooooooooo!!!!! *tadaaaa!!*(sounds like ‘oh tumko tadaaa!!’ stlye tadaaa)

Sure there are 204 bones in the human, but there are also 320 pairs of muscles to go with them, and when you do weight training at a gym, each one of them is going to hurt like hell!! 😀

In the pain and agony that i am currently going through, i have started on a few great works of art, and i shall share them with you my dear ready or reluctant reader/ reader type thing:

All Men of honor,

Potty in a corner!


Angry little fellow,

Your shoshooo  is yellow

( shoshoo maybe translated into pee-pee for my arab readers)

This makes me wonder, we call it shoshooo cause of the way it sounds right?! why the hell do the arabs call it peepee then?! i reckon the dude who named it mustve been suffering from some severe sort of bacterial infection or a disfunction of sorts!! 😉

ooooohhh, i feeling funny again!! 😀


14 responses to “Mere yaar suno sunlo!

  1. LMFAO

  2. Ah Han =P

  3. chalo u have progressed from farting to..well..u know…in ur posts 😛

  4. taraqeee ho gayi!!!!!!!!!

  5. “potty” is slowly becoming the theme of your blog 😛

  6. slowly and steadily, so that ‘the people’ do not notice the change until it is complete! 😀

  7. people have started to notice…slowly and steadily 😛

  8. Manutdfanatic

    There IS an actual word for people obsessed with… waste products!

    Pity I can’t remember it right now though. ;/

  9. whoa! That whole paragraph abt the reluctant read and written post is seriously superbly structured!

  10. lol thank you! and welcome to the blog! 😛

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