De zabish bliehg zar ahsa

I hate spot checks!

After aamir decided to release a completely potty movie this year, i had to get out to hunt for better indian cinema, and anyone with a tad bit of taste who has happened to catch a glimpse of any of the new shahrukh or salman or sanjay or shahid movies would know that good indian cinema is hard to come across! (yes i shall watch slumdog millionaire but im no rush since ive read the book already)

Anyways, in my hunt for an indian movie i could actually watch completely, i found what i now consider a prized possession, oye lucky lucky oye! Dang, this movie was just plain good fun, whether you agree with me or not… (and the soundtrack was a blast too)

i had to drive in reverse on main karsaaz on saturday night cause the freaking cops decided to wait for me there! i keep none of my car papers with me and i dont have a license (i love feeling like a fugitive), so there was no way in hell i was gonna face those folks right then! 😉


8 responses to “De zabish bliehg zar ahsa

  1. LOL! I even don’t have Driving License/Car Papers/NIC heck i drove underage for four years 😛 but i never drove in reverse just becuase of Tullas 😀
    Oye Lucky was good!

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  3. thats cause you were never allowed to get out late! 😛

  4. salman, shahid, shahrukh, saif, everyone has come up with shitty films this year. slumdog millionaire is good waise.

  5. Karachi tulla’s are the best!!!

  6. god’s angels them folks 😀

  7. Manutdfanatic

    What’s a Tulla?

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