School and beyond…

Speaking of beyond, i went to the Book fair thing at the expo on its last day, and it was great. My friend tagged along cause i told him there’d be a lotta hot chicks there, and he was dumb enough to believe me! There were quite a few hot milfs there though (and ladies please dont try to dig into what milf means, lets just say it refers to women)

Speaking of school, i put up with a couple of supremely boring teachers this semester. To entertain myself, i just gave everyone i know in class missed calls, and random weird messages. Some of them are as follows:

‘Potty arahi hai?’

‘ Bh%&@*$ dimagh ki m*%^ laga di buddhay nay’

‘Class kay baad eaton chalain??’

‘Yaar second session laina hai? im shit bored’

Boredom, dear reader, is the root of sick creativity 😉

This semester i cheated on one of the most difficult papers, well, didnt exactly cheat, but i pretty much had the whole paper beforehand 😀

We have a short break before school starts again, so ill have a little bit of time of to do the things ive been putting off for a long time, sleep being one of them! 😀


16 responses to “School and beyond…

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  2. Saad Ibrahim


  3. lol! you’re right. that doesn’t come in the ‘cheating’ category.

    My semester ended yesterday. Freedom feels surreal 😀

  4. yeah, its more like in the ‘planning’ category 😛

    freedom is the bomb 😀

  5. PurpleDrifter

    Had a lot of free credit is it?

    Youtube hasnt been working for me for a long time. 😦

  6. haha..hadd kartay ho monsieur farooq tum bhi:P

  7. @purple

    i have a package with 25 free msgs per day, on better days i switch to the unlimited msgs package 😀

  8. @illusionist

    kidhar short ho?! long time no see!

  9. i see the nuns are gay !!!!


  10. lol short tou nahi hoon par haan thora sa busy tha..btw whats MILF??
    *evil grin*

  11. i have no idea!! 😛

  12. sarah palin did a lot of work to spread the meaning of milf…but yeah still many ppl are unaware so let them be…

    the first txt msg is so hilarious….jst out of nowhere! 😀

  13. @anas

    theyll figure it out eventually! 😛

  14. @ Anas Imtiaz: thanks for butting in..bleh!

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