Paper shaper

Q. Whats the first thing a woman loses on a diet?!

 Ans: Her common sense! cause if she still had it, she wouldnt be on a diet in the first place 😀

ive been busy with my papers, although i didnt really study shit for them, who gives a shit, my school isnt closing anytime soon! 😉

post papers there shall be a proper post to tickle your senses, dear reader!


10 responses to “Paper shaper

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  2. sudher jao! study for your papers….just for a change 😉

  3. I disagree!! Actually, eating healthy IS common sense if you’re gaining weight. If women dont control what they eat they can turn into fat blobs pretty quick. 😛 [Although I dont agree with excessive dieting]

  4. And i second KW,study bhaye!

  5. even i think its important to eat healthy rather than starving

  6. yeah exactly. I mean, sometimes I know when Im putting on weight, so i cut down on what i eat and switch to healthier stuff. I dont know if thats called dieting, but its definitely good for you! 😛 [And its common sense].

  7. lol you folks are pretty emotional about this whole diet thing!! 😛

  8. Good show!!

    I recently started a blog of mine. I would love it if you would add me to your blog roll and vice verse.

  9. Study. Kaam aye ga

  10. lol im gonna tell you folks a thing or two about the alternatives ive found to studying tomorrow inshallah 😀

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