Baby neeno karlo…

Writing a blogpost after a decade can be as awkward as it is to run into someone you slept with the night before! But the ice must be broken, so here i am giving it a kiss on the cheek. 

My life lately seems to be revolving around amortization tables and annuties, and costing and chapli kababs. But lets not go there tonight! I promised a second lesson in human biology earlier, so we shall go through some of the aspects of sleep deprivation.

Lesson 2: Sleep deprivation

When you are deprived of sleep the condition may be known as sleep deprivation! You know you have sleep deprivation when you know you are depriving yourself of sleep (much like i am doing right now by writing up crap and 1:30 am 😉  )

1. If youre deprived of sleep, remember not to eat too much. When you’re full, you tend to pass out quicker, prolly cause youre heavier or cause all your blood flows to your stomach instead of your tiny little brain! 😀

2. Punch yourself in the face every once in a while, it keeps your senses alive and your brain ticking 😉

        2a. Dont punch too hard, it hurts like hell

        2b. Make sure no one’s watching, nobody likes being called a madman (particularly not if youre a woman)!

3. There’s nothing like red bull!! I dont care if it’s elephant piss, id still drink it, it works like a charm!

4. Sing aloud while you drive. It saves lives, yours and that of every pedestrian you dont run into in your sleep…

5. When you start to severely hate life and begin to pull your hair too, IT IS REALLY ABOUT BLOODY TIME YOU GOT SOME SLEEP!!!!!

I could write a book about this, but i hate you guys and im pulling my hair, so im gonna take my own advice and put my ass to sleep! Cheers!!


21 responses to “Baby neeno karlo…

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  2. lol man….i totally agree with redbull wali baat….always work!

    btw…jst sleep when u feel like sleeping 😛 that’s what other bloggers advised me when i recently posted a similar conundrum 🙂

  3. I always try to slap or punch myself but it never works

  4. @anas

    i cant sleep at work! In class i do sleep whenever i get the chance to 😛


    try harder! 😛

  5. You just said not to punch hard.

  6. Hope you had sweet dreams.

  7. @qa

    girly punches cant be too hard, i was referring to a more masculine punch that needs to be toned down 😛


    well, yes i did!! 😀

  8. but a girly punch for a girl is enough

  9. why in the world were you depriving yourself of sleep!

  10. @saad

    i wouldnt know about that 😉


    lol ive been doing it for years. Let me do the math for you!

    Work + College + Travelling time + Other necessarry activities = Sleep deprivation


  11. I don’t let anything..ANYTHING..stand between me and my sleep…but now I know what if do if I ever want to keep myself awake (what I really don’t understand is why anyone want to deprive themselves of sleep?)

  12. are u working somewhere?

  13. @lubz

    Lol trust me, NOBODY wants to deprive themselves of sleep!! 😛


    ive been working full time for like 4 years now, even before i started school…

  14. full time! does your planet has 36 hours in a day?

  15. lol somedays i wish it did! 😉

  16. dude u knwo what u forgot to send em the password:P so email me right away!

  17. lol ok boss! 😛

  18. end of year eh? goodluck yo; )

  19. @illusionist

    Thank you! best of luck to you too!! 😛

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