Here tagy tagy tagy…

The Rules are:

~ Link to the Blogger who tagged you.

~ In your blog, post The Rules and…

~ Six quirky but unspectacular factoids about yourself

~ Tag six other bloggers by linking to them

~ Go to each person’s blog, and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

~ Let me know you’ve done this tagged post too!

i was tagged by two people here, karachiwali khatoon and absar , you asked for this one folks! 😉

1. I have a fetish for the colors black and red, and for horns. Picture a hot female version of the devil (click here when your parents arent around

2. I stick my tongue out and make strange facial expressions when im really into the music im listening to…

3. Ive been hit on by a couple of gay celebrities (of course they didnt get anywhere!!!)

4. I wanted to be an artist until a few years ago… (of course no art school was dumb enough to take me) 😉

5. The first thing i do when i meet a woman is smell her, it tells me half of what i need to know

6. I wanted(still do) to die fighting a big war for a great cause…


52 responses to “Here tagy tagy tagy…

  1. You’re the second [male] person who’ve I come across who says they smell women! Thats just… weird. No wonder Islam has a prohibition on wearing perfume… :S

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  3. Number 5: weird for sho! and what if they notice you, that must be a strange situation

  4. kaeifa haalak’ ya maskhara?

  5. @purple

    everybody gets a lil freaky sometimes… 😉


    they dont notice until i tell them, when i do they never mind, even the most religious of them! 😀

  6. @saadshams

    moron that you are, ill just have to learn to ignore you! 😉

  7. but you cant do that, coz you are a bigger idiot than me, plus you are too slow to learn to ignore things =P

  8. i think i should start deleting your comments again!!

  9. why? just because youre jealous of me? =D

  10. absolutely, i have nothing better to do!

  11. shakeel mujahid is missing you farooq!

  12. Can’t see the picture. Link blocked.

    P.S:- Don’t bother deleting. It’s all good fun. I’m entertained.

  13. where’s the picture?
    and u ‘smell women’? thats interesting. how do u manage that without making it look awkward? 😛

  14. Gay celebs! The names should be revealed as well 😀

    Smell women?? Elaborate 😀

  15. @manut

    lol, you havent seen the comments i deleted here, they were a little too entertaining!


    lol, i kinda just slow down and take a deep but slow breath. Smelling close to the neck is best, cause the smell of hair and skin mix so well, give it a shot! 😉
    i do it subtly, so they dont really find out unless i tell them, or i want them to… 😀


    1. the great begum
    2. amir sheikh (that guy who was killed recently)

    And read what i wrote to the lady above, enough elaboration? 😉

  16. I’m surprised you haven’t eat a chappal or a thappar yet…. :p

  17. “Smelling close to the neck is best, cause the smell of hair and skin mix so well, give it a shot!”

    No one notices that? u seem to be a pro at this man!

  18. @purpleness

    when did i say havent had a thappar yet?! 😉
    i havent had chappals but chapli kababs are great! 😛


    lol i dont like to brag(too much) 😛

  19. “when did i say havent had a thappar yet?! ;)”
    lol when i saw that comment from PurpleDrifter i was going to say he hasn’t told you that he has never recieved a thappar or chapal and you said the same thing
    btw got the password thanks 🙂

  20. what password? 😛

  21. @Saad Ibrahim: Maybe he likes the thappar part too 😉 Hehe.. naughty 😛

    Man I’ve seen this woman somewhere!!! Name her please? 😛

  22. so you think youve got me all figured out huh? 😛

    youve seen her in your dreams buddy, and you can call her whatever you want 😛

  23. you mean wet dreams? 😛

  24. Uhhhhh this convo is fast going out of hand. :s://

    but like, omg, you’ve been slapped by a girl?! Do tell! 😀 [And by this I mean a serious thappar]

  25. hehe don’t mind
    yeah tell the story or it never happened 😛

  26. @saad

    errrr @ wet dreams… 😛


    yes, these kids with raging hormones tend to get kinda crazy 😛

    yes i have, and i have nothing to hide cause i got revenge! 😀

  27. Aww that would be too much detail to put on a blog 😛

  28. for number 3 *jaw drops dramatically* :O !!!
    #2 lol

  29. me a psycho :-(, thanks for the compliments buddy, but yeah the number one guy said right, come on man, guys dont do play this tag tag game, any how, I am expecting more “wonderful” comments and compliments from you,

  30. @mubi



    im glad youre taking criticism positively bitch boy, welcome to the blog… 😀

  31. one more!!!
    Bitch boy???
    Never heard this. In fact never found this innovative/creative/amazing way to welcome some one. You are innovative/creative/amazing. I will learn this stuff from you.

  32. well sure, you can learn all you want to learn. As cheesy as you are, it would only do you good! 😉

  33. These compliments are turning into insults. It seems that I am banging my head against a wall. Anyhow, no use of being friendly. Some people really don’t deserve good things.
    Do grow up.
    ok/tata/bye bye/alwida/sayonara/dasvidania/au revoir/ciao

  34. lol what insults?? 😛

  35. lol i cant believe KCS was here! 😛
    khair email me the password…ofcourse if thats alright with you

  36. lol he was here alright!

    aur password to exchange hota hai, lets make a deal! 😛

  37. So like… entertain us with a new post. 😛

  38. livelyreflexes

    i was going to comment on your number 5 seems like half the world’s done that already!
    i think you can only smell chicks who make sure they wear the perfume, i wonder what theory there is on women on who dont smell at all good or bad. are they like character-less? bolo!

  39. lol allllll women have a certain smell! Women who smell bad without a valid reason, i suppose are the ms a.talpur variety! 😉

  40. Who is “ms a.talpur”? 😀

  41. livelyreflexes

    i’m sure there is someone out there who has a fetish for the way she smells:)

  42. @saad

    baray hogay to batayeingay 😛

  43. Duh! will google help?

  44. lol not one bit 😛

  45. yeah figured that out……! it must be your secret tharkinis
    btw i hate this kind of attitude :/: baray hogay to batayeingay 😛

  46. and in between the smelling session the girl figured out something fishy was happening and u got slapped than what?? 😛

  47. lol that would give me a better chance to smell!

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