Tag tag khelain…

So ive been tagged, for the first time in the history of my bloglife!

 Here’s what the tag is all about…

The McCains own 13 cars, eight homes and have access to a corporate jet. If you were as insanely rich as them, where would your eight homes be and why?

The only rule is: The homes must be within the borders of the country you live in, so as to utterly emulate the McCains.

1. Karachi
The city where i belong!!! I wouldnt mind a nice lil place at kda behind the stadium, preferably on top of the mountain D

2. Skardu, since Jezzine isnt in Pakistan!
Id like a small hideout in the mountains away the hypocritical everyday clutter of the city, so i can fulfill my dream of living on my own in isolation for short periods of time…

3. Next to Lahore Grammar School
(Since we dont have a playboy mansion here)

Karachi, Lahore, NWFP, Balochistan
Shelters for the homeless, because three homes are faaaarrrrr more than a person like me would want…


30 responses to “Tag tag khelain…

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  2. Lahore Grammar School — woah! what’s so special about it that you compared it with playboy mansion? would be interesting to know!

  3. lol…so lahore grammar school is comparable to the playboy mansion?

  4. @Saad

    The chicks are super hot! I wouldve said LUMS but if youve seen animal planet youd know the younger ones make easier game!!! 😉


    Lol in my world it is! 😛

  5. omg, are you one of those guys who sit outside girls schools for *hours* just to check them out at hometime? hahaha, now *that* is what I would call farrigh time.

  6. *buys a one way ticket to lahore*

  7. @purple

    lol im one of those guys who get admission into a school only after theyve seen that theres enough hot chicks there to keep him busy during his stay there 😉


    Thats the spirit! 😀

  8. hmmmm so now i know why you are at iqra

  9. @karachiwali

    lol you havent seen the chicks at iqra, they suck 😦

  10. be careful what you wish for. i have three tags to bantofy and i might just pin one on you.

    but lucky you- i won’t. I don’t like spreading irritated frustration around.
    by the way, lahori guys are just as hot too, except when they open their mouths.

    every ummeed dies right then n there :S

  11. @hira

    khatoon, thank you for sparing me the torture! 😛

    as far as lahori guys talking is concerned, the same rule pretty much applies to the women too, ‘Hainn ji?!’ is such a turnoff… 😉

  12. then wat are u doing at iqra!?
    and a tag is definitely coming your way from me

  13. lol nobody else gave me admission! 😉

    aisa zulm na karo mujhpay please… 😛

  14. hehehe chalo thoda sa zulm seh lo

  15. lol, small world! My cousin was at Iqra sometime back, but shes left now I think. 😛

  16. @karachiwali

    lol the link doesnt work 😛
    wese absar has already tagged me with this one 😀


    hot thee?? naam batao? number??? 😉

  17. yaar, i’m not stupid enough to give details about my own cousin! :p Besides, she and her parents would end up probably killing me.

  18. @purple

    hahaha thats not my problem is it?! 😛

  19. OYE!!! nobody calls me khatoon!!! NOBODY!

  20. @Hira

    Khatoon, why didnt you tell me earlier that you werent supposed to be referred to as khatoon?! 😛

  21. Hey Farooq Can i ask you for the password for those protected posts?

  22. well, nobody can stop you from ‘asking’!! 😉

  23. Is that your signature reply eh?
    laaton key bhoot bato sey nahi maantey
    i want the password for those protected posts its an order! 😛

  24. lol what makes you think thatll work?! 😛

  25. I don’t deserve to get the password? 😦

  26. lol, im gonna email it to you later today! chill 😛

  27. Emotional drama always works… larkiyo sey seekha hoo… 😛

  28. lol koee dhungg kee cheez seekh laitay! wese larkiyon ko dhungg ka kaunsa kuch aata hai! 😉

  29. You and your protected post!!!..hmpph :[ agar nahin dikhana hota tou likhtai kyon ho?

  30. @lubz

    cause its an outlet my friend! 😛

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