I now have two spare tires, one in my car, the other developing around my stomach 😀

Today, dear reader, i shall share with you valuable lessons learned in ‘human biology’! I know what you sickos are thinking, but some things are better learned with experience… 😉

Lesson no 1: Malt drinks cure acidity!

Im sure any of you who’s ever tried bavaria hated it to bits. However, an ex beer drinker such as myself learns to appreciate the disgusting sock smelling taste of the drink. The past week i studied ‘kuttay kee tarah'(i know dogs dog study but its a metaphor indicating the amount of hard work it requires) since i had my mids and ive got some real fucked up courses this semester. We had to hold group studies, which eventually translated into dinner. We boys, we get kinda crazy when we have dinner in groups, its scary for an outsider to understand. Heres an example of what at a day’s meal these past couple of weeks:

7:00 am – chicken nuggets with cheese sandwich + tang

10:00 am – anda paratha from the chai wala place!

11:30 am – Sandwich + coke

3:00 pm – biryani from outside college + coke

6:00 pm – lunch at home + tang

10:00 pm – huge meal deal from eaton + coke

11:00 pm onwards coke coke coke…

4:00 am chai paratha from pathan hotel + extra chai + coke

See why i mentioned acidity????

Lesson 2: Sleep deprivation

To be continued (im sleepy as hell)… 😉


23 responses to “Burp….

  1. Eaton? yumm! sindhi muslim? (crap branch fraud waiters and pathetic food quality)

  2. this post of yours reminded me of my good ol’ days *sigh*
    feeling nostalgic:(

  3. of i forgot to say don’t you gain weight? man i don’t eat 1/10th of that and i am a fat ass
    No i am not a girl 😛

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  5. After looking at your menu, what is amazing to me that you are developing just one tyre…
    My university used to be on the far off corner in some god forsaken place with no access to real food so count yourself lucky!

  6. @saad

    lol eaton @ sindhi muslim is great, but the rest of the joints all that i agree…
    I am gaining weight, i realized that yesterday, so hopefully im gonna hitting the gym today onwards 😀


    the land of hummooos and shawarma just doesnt feel like home, does it?! 😛


    lol theres some great food spots around my school, and i am grateful for that fact 😀

  7. and i didnt know you were aspiring to look like arnold schwarzheneger!!!!


    Sound familiar?

    Ooooh I know eaton rolls! Especially the garlic ones, yummm. They’re a must have in Karachi.

  8. How can you have chicken nuggests with cheese sandwhich AND tang at 7 IN THE MORNING?!!! Thats crazy. *pukes*

  9. @purpleness

    thats too late a comeback to have any effect! 😛

    Garlic mayo rolls are tight!

    I am a little crazy, cant you tell by now? 😉

  10. Well its a comeback all the same. Garlic May rolls are one of the sole reasons for my trips to Karachi. 😛 They make it worthwhile.

    Now Im craving some. 😦

  11. lol theres a lot moe that makes this city worthwile my friend!

    You want me to parcel you some?! 😛

  12. lol thanks for the offer, but i think I’ll pass. I’ll have them fresh when I visit.

  13. haha baad main mat bolna kay poocha bhee nahin 😛

  14. LOL! Talk about a balanced diet! 😀

  15. @saadat

    thank you! i try 😉

  16. yeah it doesn’t:(

  17. lol emotional mat ho ab! 😛

  18. so when did u study???? I just pray u got some good grades in ur mids 🙂

  19. lol i did pretty good yes, studied after we were done eating 😛

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  22. A huge yummy list, but during all this foody course did u guys move even an inch 😛 I mean that would have been better 😛

  23. we drove around quite a bit yes 😛

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