Ali Azmat at Sunshine Island…

In the eyes of a ranger,
The unsuspecting stranger,
Had better know the truth of wrong from right,

‘Cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you,
Any wrong you do, he’s gonna see,

When you’re in Texas, look behind you,

Cause that’s where the rangers gonna be!!!

 I wonder what kinda crazy shit is being fed into our minds on a daily basis! i remember watching the texas ranger show as a child and i still to this day remember the theme song. I say crazy shit, cause now that im all grown up, im wondering why they say the ranger is gonna b behind you! I mean couldnt he positioned elsewhere! :S

Talking about freaky shit, Bahria University is full of freaky shit! I happened to go to a little concert there the other day, Ali Azmat’s concert just couldnt be missed! And it was worth the khwaree involved!

Speaking of khwaree, that school shelters an abnormally large bunch of Gay couples! Yes sir, boys that hump each other is what we’re talking about. Youd think im exagarrating here, dont you?! Hell no im not! These werent the boys who do stupid dances at concerts that make them look gay, no sir, these boys were close-dancing to junoon music, ass grabbing and all, the whole package, with the freaky gay eye sex thing. It started off with one daring couple, who eventually managed to inspire a half a dozen other gay boys!! Surprisingly, nobody even mildly reacted to any of this, besides the coke my friend ‘accidentally’ dropped on one of them… 😉   
Omran Shafique from Mauj fame is a mad guitarist, kamran was crazy with the bass, and EP’s drummer waqar( or was it waqas??) is probably the next best thing to gumby. All in all a great night! The chicks at Bahria are not half bad! Any chance i can get my credits transferred?? Ill take the section with all the hot chicks and no gay boys… 😀


33 responses to “Ali Azmat at Sunshine Island…

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  2. Wow, no really? That IS freaky. :S Sickening. I’m always surprised when I hear things like these happening in Pak, especially Karachi.

    Once on my visits to the city, we discovered err, a ‘PARTY’ at Hawksbay……. I was scarred for life with what I saw. And then I was updated by my cousins at what these late night parties consist of these days.

  3. @purple
    and what exactly was it that you saw? 😛

  4. Farooq, man, you seem to have a knack for having weird stuff happen around you all the time. 😛

  5. its not just bahria. at IBA during impromptu “parties” and concerts, women were not allowed to dance, mainly through social consent. that allowed all the boys to literally throw their inhibitions to the wind, and hedonism of the ancient roman variety would ensue.

  6. oho…this was the shady stuff u were talking about? i thought id get to know something i didnt know about Bahria before 😛
    as for getting ur credits transferred, as far as i think, u arent an eng student, rite? u can surely get into a sections with a lot of ‘hot chicks’ but no gay boys…ummm cant say much bout that 😉

  7. You do have an eye for weirdness 😛

  8. @Saadat

    Im an innocent lil angel caught in a weird world, i just cant help it! 😉


    Lol my brother went to IBA, but hes pretty straight!


    Im not boring enough to be studying engineering, but i am dumb enough to be a business student! 😉

    I feel sorry for the chicks there wese, all that hotness and no attention! I feel obliged to do my share of social service so hook me up with 5-6 of the hot ladies please, if there’s no class without any gay boys that is! hahahahaha


    Two eyes my friend, not just one! 😉

  9. trust me, they are not gays…they just dont mind variety 😛 after all its better to be getting best of the both the worlds, dont you think? 😉

  10. This is not a comment.

  11. @karachiwali

    lol i really dont! 😛


    then what is it? 😛

  12. hmmmm….and u want to be hooked up 5-6 ladies at the same time? itna stamina hai? 😛

  13. @karachiwali

    i got skills! haha

  14. of course, ill only keep the best 2 or 3… 😛

  15. People, its not just the eye/s

    Some guys are chick magnets, Farooq comes with his weird magnet.

    Ali Azmat is a doll, the lyrics in his new album are so refreshing. All Pakistani singers are so fucking self absorbed, only he is crazy enough to pen lyrics like, ‘I am stoned now, yes I am a junkie’

  16. @taz

    i totally dig ali azmat, bohot badass hai…

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  18. Then current crop of pakistani’s is so fruity!!!!!!

  19. @javad

    We aint no crops homie, we’s human beings! 😛
    Welcome to the blog..

  20. woah man..despite reading your post thrice I haven’t been able to spot the notoriously famous F word which has become somewhat synonymous with you i.e: whenever i’m reading your blog:P
    you forgot writing ’bout it or it was intentional?

  21. @illusionist!

    lol youre not making any sense, have you been taking drugs??! 😉

  22. oye hoye! tag wag! party on hai!



  25. Dude, you’re tagged!

  26. duh..hell no!
    i was talking about the F fart fetishist:D

  27. lol theres more to life than just farts my friend! 😉

  28. haha..looks who’s telling me!

  29. hahaha. The pure karachi gay style partying. I miss all those concerts I used to go to as well. Are you sure they the concert wasnt for just GAY people?. Pakistani chicks are the best I think. Sharmeli Sharmeli bhi hoti hain aur joota bhi hath main hota hai. lol.

    By the way Pakistani media is not doing too bad with all this gay and lesbian stuff. I happened to be at a party in which there were big names like Abduallah Qidwai, Mahnoor, Humayum Saeed, Ali Azmat etc and there were these two girls who just kept on kissing each other and too be honest apart from me no one was bothered. I mean some girl on girl action is paradise was every eye but it was weird witnessing all this is Pakistan.

    Khair Allah bachayeee… Ya jo ajj kal ki lerkiyaan!

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