Akhmed and me…

Im amazed by kids’ ability to blindly run into things at full speed the way our beloved President would like to run into Sarah Palin! Children seem to experience a constant high, with a dose of sugar neccessary at regluar intervals to fuel the fire. And they can run and shout and jump and fight and laugh their asses off at the smallest of things, Serotonin is beyond doubt the best of drugs!

The world, my friends, is going through a period of recession. It is in such times that great poets, who inspire revolutions that bring change and uplift the downfallen human spirit. I would like to announce today that i am the poet and revolutionary of your time! Read my deep, meaningful, thought-provoking poetry carefully, for it will ignite within you a fire that shall spread across the oceans and to the far lands and engulf the world in its brightness, and when it dies down a new world shall emerge where you shall all dwell blisfully and i shall be the face on your currency, which you can keep in your purses and in your wallets close to your buttocks and in a dozen other strange places! And you can buy with it beer and hold it with your greasy paan-walay hands, and enjoy the gift of freedom that shall be given to you as a result of my ultimate sacrifice!!

When the night is long and the darkness engulfs all

This world will demand that you rise after you fall,

Do not be quiet and do not tremble

Tilt your butt a little and let the gases rumble!

(16/10/08 World Fart day!) 😀

If you are still not inspired, you must watch akhmed’s video…


27 responses to “Akhmed and me…

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  2. man you have easily one of the most inspired posts on the web… shabash mere lal!

  3. lol @ President running into Sarah Palin. He sure have loved it.
    And dont tell me that there’s actually a world fart day too!!

  4. @KK

    inspired or inspiring? 😛


    Khatoon, if there isnt, there certainly should be! 😀

  5. I was actually peacefully enjoying the last paragraph until I got to the very end.

    What a waste.

  6. @manut

    lol please dont hurt me! 😛

  7. Psst, check your emo email.

  8. yeh ’emo’ kia hota hai?

  9. lol, i just said it cuz it rhymed. Emos are depressed angst kids who dress in black and apply heavy dark makeup and are moaning over their sad lives. 😛 Similar to goths, but not the same.

    here: http://www.quazen.com/Kids-and-Teens/Emo's,-Who-and-what-are-they.225

  10. @purplepeople

    shit, i aint no emo!! :S

  11. hahaa i knoww, i was kidding! [I just said it cuz it rhymed]

  12. It’s hard for me to believe that Akhmed is just a toy. I wish he was real. 😦 He seems like a fun-filled guy. 😀

  13. @the scale

    not to mention his good looks! 😉
    welcome to the blog

  14. farooq i think only u were able to notice akhmed’s good looks 😛

  15. @karachiwali

    lol cant you see that jawline?! and those eyebrows? haha

  16. I had kindergarten kids run into once, they were the cutest thing ever. They didn’t even look up at me, and instead shook their heads and ran again after going around me.

  17. lol kids do that all the time, sometimes they can even hurt you! 😛

  18. Farooq and fart fantasies

    Farooq, i have just suggested the name of your very first novel. Half the work is done here, now off you go and start writing it.

  19. lol writing a novel would be a dream come true! Ull have to be read it to fix my bad grammar once im done though 😛

  20. nice to see your work…keep it up…

  21. @AR

    my ‘work’?! seriously? 😛

  22. NI HAO MA….mosi mosi….akhmed…its not akmed…its akhmed KHHH KHHHH KHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  23. Achmed is old … i wonder why he became popular all of a sudden.

  24. @taz

    cause most great artists are only appreciated after they die!

  25. and you suck! coz you like power metal!

  26. lol power metal kicks ass!!

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